Vision of the contract

  Vision of the contract

Vision of the contract of Al zahri Vision of the contract

The contract is for multiple types:

It is felt that a node in the shirt it shows a trade.

And the vision of the contract on the rope Health religion and pants married woman on a string to conclude something is in it from the state, trade or marry, and if he sees a node on any of these things is that held by it show on a tight and held by the Sultan, if he sees it dissolved itself, the God has been released from, where is calculated, has been suggested that meaning in poetry:

If you hold the judiciary … is not resolved by the judiciary but

Decade and a vision of something hateful. The solution node, it is the vagina. The contract goes for the fear is gone or falling of any kind when it was Mahmoud, as well as detention for saying peace be upon him: wiser, and trust.

Vision number and numbered

The number according to the The various numbered, seeing it as the dirhams the name of God Almighty, it will benefit note, if there are carved the image of falsehood in the world operates.

But felt as if he is to recite the Koran it is pearls.

But felt that it is Khozva operates in secret.

The oxen, seeing it as it passes by Aajafa Jdbh years, though it Samana that Dd.

But felt that it is beautiful with Joalgaha, the sultan was or his enemies, it affects the value of money Download Algamalat agree, though rain Dehghana planted, though a merchant received a profit a lot.

It felt: it is the number of numbers, each number interpretation of said one consolidation and faith in God Almighty and the two parents or a witness justice to believe the vision and the three promised honest interpretation of the meaning “three days that promise is false” and the four prayer answered and a capital sum, and may be Tzwega and five future state, and may be the five prayers of the lack of anything it is a decrease in prayer.

And the number of one-Mubarak.

And Monday, and the salvation of the scourge of the enemies to win the verse “the second two as they are in the cave.”

The three are not Bmahmodh.

The four blessed and good on him, “What would be Najwa is fourth, only three.”

As for a good five benign.

The six are doing something in which the product of the verse, “created the heavens and the earth in six days.” Perhaps the words Well the vision held by the owner or complete and is void of anything.

The seven are not Bmahmodh to the verse, “It has seven gates.” It was said Zine, or pilgrimage, perhaps indicated by the concern in those days for the same, and saw that it was said that a woman is pregnant, they get rid of absolute because if I was born and has set up seven days.

The eight is not Bmahmodh to the verse, “seven nights and eight days Hsoma.” It was closer than Sultan or great man, and was told that the number was on a particular group are those who doubt them, they as well as for the verse, “and seven Thamnhm their dog.”

The nine Bmahmodh no interpretation of the meaning “nine persons who made mischief in the land.” It was a statement and argument on the enemies of the verse, “nine clear signs.”It was said that he deems it in the religion of weakness indicates that it may have a tendency to reject.

And the ten, they get the blessing and Murad religious and secular interpretation of the meaning “and Otmmnaha ten” and says “those ten full.” It was sharp and the perfection in things.

The atheist and the tenth is for Murad says, “I saw one of eleven stars.” It was brothers.

The twelfth, it meant a delay in obtaining and then gets in after him for the verse, “The number of months with Allaah is twelve months.” It was fertilized years.

The thirteenth is not Bmahmodh Onhs days because the months and months and hold a days problem.

The fourteenth and get it, Mahmoud Murad Faraj said after the intensity.

The fifteenth, it not fully intended and was told to get out of the severity of the judiciary and get rich and redress.

The sixteenth, it indicates that for long-term and Murad was fully ordered.

The seventeenth and it shows what comes out of him back in the corruption and its consequences was a welcome and pilgrimage and complete.

The eighteen and was told no Bmahmodh contact kings and great people.

The nineteenth Fajsoma with the people of the verse, “the nineteen.” It was said Samon obedient agents.

The Twenty Increased strength and nail on enemies and get Murad says, “If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred.”

The Thirty indicative of that if he had a dispute with a separated quickly and Bteke accrue to the verse, “and have him and his weaning is thirty months.”

The Forty-it is the interpretation and confusion and wanderings of the verse, “forbidden them for forty years.”

The session is no Mahmoud Omar was told his vision completely.

The Sixty-Mahmoud is not it redundant to the propitiation for the verse, “or to feed sixty poor persons.” It was said to travel the verse, “Gduha month Ruahha month.”

The Seventy Universal access delay and the need for fear on the one hand the Sultan, but the number was something Mdhiruaa it is not good for the verse, “and then in the chain whereof the length is seventy cubits.” It was seeking forgiveness and those who do not flatter the best and God will forgive him for the verse, “The forgiveness for them seventy times Allah will not forgive them.”

The Eighty Bzna accusation and it is afraid of his skin to the verse, “flog them with eighty lashes.” It was a meeting of the pond.

The Ninety-which indicate that the wives of senior companions Ikhtabouna and gets him the benefit of them, but from the people of the state in order to get his meaning “nine and ninety ewes.” It was narrow and indigestion.

The percent Fezfr on enemies and get Murad says, “they will vanquish two hundred hundred patient.” And perhaps indicates that the charge Bzna meaning “interpretation of the meaning of each one of them a hundred lashes.”

It felt: that he held his one hundred grains of Universal access good, a blessing and comfort of living and the verse, “in each ear a hundred grains.” It was submitted to the group.

But it is not Almaútan nail on the enemy to the verse, “they will vanquish two hundred.”

The three hundred Universal access is intended for a long period in the verse, “And they stayed in their Cave three hundred years.”

The four hundred Fezfr on enemies, because the Prophet peace be upon him: the best brigades four hundred and four thousand good armies.

The five hundred things stopped.

The six hundred and rejoiced for Murad.

The difficulty of seven hundred things, but it gets better in his life.

As indicative of eight hundred and nail for strength.

The NINE HUNDRED indicative of nail enemies on it.

The Millennium Universal access and nail strength and victory to the verse, “albeit a thousand of you they shall overcome two thousand, God willing.”

The Felica Alolvan Bmhmoudin.

The three thousand, they indicate the strength and nail to get to the verse, “with three thousand angels sweeping on.”

As for the four thousand, they indicate support for the nail.

The five thousand blessing and joy it is to the verse, “five thousand”.

The six thousand, they show the nail and you want to get.

The seven thousand, they mediate indicate a state of living and the hand was held upon affairs.

The eight thousand, they indicate regularity.

The nine thousand Vmahmoudh.

And the ten thousand, it shows the nail and get the victory.

The twenty thousand, and it is mainly accrue to his enemies.

The Thirty-alpha, it indicates that after the nail for a long time.

The Forty-alpha, it indicates to the victory.

The Fifty-alpha, it shows the fatigue and discomfort and inability to stop the measure of the verse, “the amount of fifty thousand years.”

The Sixty-alpha, it indicates to get tired after Murad.

The Eighty-alpha, it shows the nail and the victory.

The Ninety-alpha Universal access to the nail of his enemies.

The hundred thousand and more Universal access to the final return of the verse, “And We sent him to a hundred thousand or more.”

It felt: that number is much Bkivh regret it at the expense spent on him “turn his palms became.”

It felt: it is a number or longer, it was among those who require the position of his command, they get to him and be a prince as far as number is for example the counting ten Faamr ten, and counted forty shall be a prince to forty, and counting one hundred will be Prince of hundred in the famous, and counting two hundred or thousands perhaps indicated by the bail or introduction to the armies, and the count a little Vtkon emirate between them, But if those who require religious positions it Mahmoud him and the stability of his rule because the number of owners that can only be for a continuous state, though incumbents Diwaniya Fidel to collect the money and the large number of the account and where the sentence for all people except for those who Mahmoud be the claim.

Vision Altmrgeh

The Altmrgeh, it is felt that it plays in the swing of his religion, and perhaps showed a swing on the odds.

Vision of the blame

The blame, it is felt that blame others to do it is like that deserves the blame for what was said in meaning: How fit may Lamb, a Mallam.

It felt: that he blames himself had ordered his death, it enters in order to blame him confused then go away from him and God is pleased by the verse, “The self, prone to evil unless my Lord have mercy.”

The admonition to love Fidel because he does not Aattab only likes to say to one another: and only on the threshold of love and not on those who do not like the reproach.

Meeting the vision of unification

The reunion is a meeting guide meridian to the verse, “Even if you take the land and Azint decoration.” It was the vision of meeting of the reunion show of joy and pleasure to call it among the people. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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