Vision of the coup and cry

Vision of the coup and cry

Vision of the coup and cry by Al ahsaai Vision of the coup and cry

The coup, it is considered that turned on the head it for a disaster may have been a coup boss it is of the opinion that he turned from side to side is the change if the crying, it is felt that cry without screaming it Faraj who are distressed or happy great joy though shouting it for disaster to the people of that place and saw that it was crying not out of the same water is not Mahmoud but felt the place tears of blood he regret is too late it and repent It felt like crying on the man he knew and with tears of Noah, it is also seen but felt that Naah on the Wall, has died, the that the governor infringe on his authority but felt as if he died crying behind his funeral is ways they see that the governor pleasure is of the opinion that his eyes filled with tears did not come out he gets his money old and saw that it was crying and then laughing after the shows near him and said some of them like crying to sleep unless it Sakh has experienced this odd for a thousand times and did not see him but good, joy and pleasure Dream Interpretation in Islam

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