blindness by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi blindness

In a dream is going astray in religion, and also sang blindness, it is felt that blind sacked, and saw that it was blind, it forgets the Qur’an. But felt that it blinded a man who leads him astray. The infidel saw a man blinded by his belief it changes. And blind a poor man does deeds hit him in his religion. The infidel saw that he was blind Faisiba grief and harmful or fined, or they are. The blind saw that it was wrapped in new clothes, it dies.
and saw that it was blind, then he or invasion of an argument, or to affect judgment and knowledge of the story of Isaac and Jacob, peace be upon them. The blind saw that Astdber kiss, he is in misguidance.
It felt that his eyes may Amita Vehtk Jackets between him and God. My uncle and his eyesight became poor in a dream after his wealth, or dismissed after a paragraph, or loss of money it is difficult or born.
and perhaps Del blindness or deafness on the minimum or contempt on the concealment of secrets. And blindness of the strange evidence that it does not return to his homeland. And blindness of the prisoner dispute, and that blind people are ruthless and take his hand to where he wants.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Blindness: (Gold; Heedlessness; Inheritance; Poverty) In a dream, blindness means heedlessness, misguidance or receiving an inheritance. A blind man in a dream represents a poor person and because of his poverty, his actions mostly harm his religious life. Blindness in a dream also means a calamity, an accident, a misfortune, sadness, harm, sorrows and distress. If a blind man sees himself wrapped with new cloth in a dream, it means his death. Ifone sees himselfblind in a dream, it means debts he owes, or a pilgrimage he must attend. If one is blinded in a dream, it means that he will betray his covenant with his Lord. Becoming blind in a dream means suffering from poverty and becoming needy after being rich, or it could mean satisfaction and contentment, or it could mean losing a dear person. Ifone’s sight explodes with a lightning in a dream, it means


his death. Blindness also could denote deafness, disregarding the world or renouncing it or hiding one’s secrets. As for a foreigner, seeing himself blind in a dream means never returning to his homeland. Blindness in a dream for a prisoner means his release from jail. If a seeker, a student, or a businessman sees himself blind in a dream, it means that he may never reach his goals. (Also see Body); Destruction; Eyes; Fear; One-eyed; World)Dream Interpretation in Islam


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