Vision of the balance

Vision of the balance

Vision of the balance of Al zahri Vision of the balance

The balance of opinion indicates that it energizes the high justice and injustice of the verse, “and put the balance installment of the Day of Resurrection there is no soul is wronged in anything.”

The vision of the balance of the Resurrection Faúl on six aspects: a judge or a scholar or a jurist or engineer or a judgment or a judgment void straight.

Vision Basin Kawthar

Of the view that the resurrection has met with the creation by the pool Kawthar asking for water, it indicates that the mandate of the king among the people modifies.

It felt: that he drank from it it dies on Islam.

It felt: it revolves around him and ask him to water indicates that it will prevent the hostile companions of the Prophet peace be upon him.

It felt: his name written in it and took a cup and drink from it indicates that it is accompanied by a great scientist or a generous and receive the benefit of it in this world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that he drank from it frequent, but one hundred chagrin brine indicates that the seer is a hypocrite does not believe the Qur’an and reports of the Prophet peace be upon him and insulting the religion of Islam, though a hundred such as what was in the news be a seer of the total Akaber Islam who drink from it.

Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him: the vision of the basin in terms of the sentence shall devolve on four aspects: a man is useful for people and a rich man or a capital sum or benefit the world of people with his knowledge, and perhaps indicates the basin architecture to do good things and destroy it demonstrates against that .Dream Interpretation in Islam

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