baker by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi baker

Show to see the baker in a dream of peace of mind to fear, and live in happiness, perhaps the boy showed his vision and love. The baker just Shafiq Sultan. Baker and his talk show live Hene guides people to a living-Sharif.
It felt that Baker has hit the money, a great and fertile. And if he sees that he bought bread from the baker is the price that examines the baker Sultan capable of acts of kindness to the humble-Sharif, the refuge does not matter to him as guide people to the benefits of the object for. If you take the bread from the baker has benefited living for, and he went his sadness, the baker, who was attributed to the Sultan shall be useful for a man forced people to him, and be treated in some of the slag to treat fire.The man saw that he was not a baker bakes bread and sells dirhams for all it is bad for the people. The baker’s words and riots in his living. Workmanship and all the fire touched it and the words of antagonism. [See baker.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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