boys by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi boys

Show to see small boys in a dream on the Izz Al Khasab, is pleased grows after indigestion and more. The baby is better updated the praise of good, and the good desired.
It felt a little girl or that her pregnancy or gave birth to him and was a prisoner or Medina or poor Farajallah him and removed his main concern, although not something that Valotflh are distressed and saddened. And boys and girls who saw her world. And if she sees a pregnant woman as a child they carry Bjarah similar thereto.
It felt that he was born a boy and had his wife was pregnant, they give birth are under way.
It is felt that a girl is Khrmen to bear a boy.
and saw that it was returned a child and was in the swaddle prison or a disease, albeit a poor He lived to the very end of life.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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