abdomen by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi abdomen:Shows in a dream of the Adhadjah or out of it. And demonstrates the prison and the grave and the secret, health and dieback and friend. It veered his abdomen in a dream, and had a king of crash utility of it, and perhaps his secret was exposed. Or lost his wife, although a pregnant woman came out of her pregnancy, the back or something out of his intestines came out his prisoner. The abdomen has died, his friend or guardian or the ruling on his property, and interest is perhaps, prayer and giving up food and drink. The fire went out of his stomach is indicated by his repentance of the Orphans eat money, and was among those who ate the forbidden wares is indicated by the asceticism, the walking on his stomach in a dream indicates that Ajtiajh and his quest for people to fill his stomach. And abdomen, the belly of the valley. Perhaps the abdomen in the interpretation of evidence of what is indicated by the thigh of the clan and tribe.
and perhaps indicates that gluttony is the cause. To access the abdomen travel or prison. But felt in the stomach or pus Dmla is indicated by what he does not solve his food or sleep. The good stomach, or large arrogance is Mnavr the body is indicated by the flag and the presidency.
del abdomen and possibly the Alambatna in religion, and Alambatna, hatred and hypocrisy of the visible and the soles of money and a son. It is believed that the stomach has become a small Vsikl his money or his son.
It is considered that the fields covered his bones or his son.
It is believed that the stomach is empty it is lack of money or his son. And it was said to be empty-belly of the Sacred. Abdominal vessels may be the man, what is seen of an accident is an accident in which his ship.
and saw that it was in his mother’s womb, he was in another place and returned to his hometown, though he was sick was buried in the ground, although it is true he was sentenced. And the abdomen shows a man’s home and Dawaba, Vqaibdh his son, and his heart and his son, and his lung servant or his daughter, and the paunch sack, and Halqovernm his life.
It is considered that the demolition was Bpth patients died in the abdomen. And if he sees that he had taken in their construction or repair of illness horizons that architecture completed, and only remained from the days of old as far as what remains of the architecture. The belly of his ship to be his human heart, and Halqovernm Sariha, ribs and walls.
Emtemozka It felt his stomach and his intestines Salt Atpt his ship. And it was said that the bone abdomen eat usury and walking on the abdomen to rely on the money.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Abdomen: (Venter) The surface part of the body between the chest and the pelvis in a dream represents one’s strength and health condition, wealth, or it could mean poverty. (Also see Body’)

meanings by Al ahsaai

Vision of the abdomen

The abdomen inward and outward construed money and boy it is believed that the stomach size and good, it shows the increase mentioned and that he saw as a lack or Sheena Vtobeirh against him and saw that his stomach incision and wash and returned as it testifies to the satisfaction of God Almighty, and behavior the way offices and Salah affairs and security of the accursed Satan is of the opinion that came out of the stomach or daughter was born, it comes from that and there is his family and some of them said the abdominal tumor and get money for hardship and misfortune.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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