Alhanat by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Alhanat:Indicate his vision in a dream to a man of money, and that someone did not need to if sold. If he needs to sell afflicted humiliation. The governor saw Del sells wheat to isolate and disperse between him and his brother. It was: Alhanat king driven by his kings, or dealer headed traders, or factor obey earners.
It felt as if he bought from Hanat wheat it requests a mandate from the Sultan, the distract in this world, and thank God for the blessing.
It felt as if he has a wheat and Eimsha does not need to them, it affects the honor and glory, because the wheat Ashraf foods. As if he sought the opinion of the application and I need to touch it or afflicted loss or humiliation, and isolation that was automatic.And see the show on Alhanat ease after hardship, and preparing and income and sincere acts of kindness. Dream Interpretation

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