Abode by Ibne serin Abode: (See Dwellings; House) Abominable: (See Shameful act)

Abraham: (God’s bosom friend, upon whom be peace. arb. khali”l) To see the Prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, in a dream is a good sign of wealth, blessings, glad tidings, devotion, long life, assiduousness, healing of a sick, noble goals, righteous progeny, commanding good and forbidding evil, discard-ing bad company, compliance with the divine ruling, knowledge, guidance, success after failure and separation from one’s family and kin to seek God’s nearness and pleasure. In a dream, Abraham represents the element of com-passion toward one’s son and family and sometime he represents the element of adversities and finally of reaching safety. (Also see Feast ofImmolation; Stotion. ofAbraham) i Dream Interpretation

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