Albozor by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Albzdhun:

In a dream is a struggle of man and his quest, and the bone was the best of Albrven worldly matters. It was: Bardhun women, it is felt that Brdhuna Extractor is not able to grip his wife be the scold. Bardhun received the word of his wife’s money would a great rose. And if he sees that he marry Brdhuna faking it known to his wife when she does not thank him for that. It was: Bardhun travel, it is felt that going back Brdhunh it travels travel away, and gain better than his wife. And if he sees that his knees and flew between the sky and the earth rose and his wife traveled alone. The view that Brdhunh wallowing in the dirt and dung, the struggle on the rise and money is growing and growing. He died the death of his wife Brdhunh, the Brdhunh sinking in the water it dies and he is afraid scourge. It stole Brdhunh it called a woman. Dream Interpretation
It felt that Brdhunh lost it blows to his wife.
It felt that the dog jump on Brdhunh it has promised Mjusya followed by his wife, as well as the bounce by the monkey is a Jewish man, and blond of Albrven indicates sadness owner.
It is felt that King of King Brdhuna woman or a servant. It was: Bardhun indicates quarreling or suggesting a foreigner.
and saw that it was installed quickly Brdhuna furnishes good and it affects Sa’d. And it was said of riding Brzna saw that it was his habit to ride the horse for the landing and his status of missing, and his wife die. It was his custom ride the donkey, and then saw in a dream that he mentioned riding Brdhuna the rise and frequently earned him and his glory above. May indicate to the marriage after Baharh of the nation. And shouting Bardhun immorality of women. The Sultan Bardhun eagles, black money and glory.
It felt as if Brdhuna unknown entered the town of that country enter a foreigner. The owner Bardhun Adham Sultan.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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