your parents

your parents

your parents by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi your parents

Is the Lord in a dream house and the goddess of the hen house. Parents also a slave. And gave him his chicken generates Ghulam owned, and said He is a veteran of the seed of the Mamluks. It was said that he is a man of bad morals, speak good words sometimes, and sometimes babbling. It was said that his boy cock affection, and take it repair between him and another man.
It is considered that the slaughter of Decca, it does not answer the muezzin. And it was said of the parents saw in a dream, it increases wisdom, or a meeting with scientists, and use them.
It felt that he died and Decca became imminent.
It is believed that the Decca may click or click Nqrtin Vsiktlh man from the Persians. If your parents is white muezzin. And it was said of the view that it became Decca becomes a world owned or marking the times. Parents indicates that al-Khatib and the reader, perhaps indicated by the man who enjoin what is good does not come to him, because he mentions but does not pray pray.
and probably Del guard.
It felt Decca came to his house and pick up grains of barley, the muezzin steals nothing to him. Parents indicates that a man who has high energy and good sound.Young Mamluk, turkeys or young boys or children or Mamluks, as well as the vicinity of broiler females or slaves or hot summer. King and Decca Rizk and a son, and bought or owned a house, or gave him away or he heard the news from him. Decca and hit the red, it will benefit a slave Abaka malignant.
is of the opinion that it is undisputed Decca fighting men Oagamaa, the injury is hated of the Rooster Faisiba foreigner refers to men as much as what he hates what it gets from your parent. [See the chicken.

Interpretation of Al zahri

The vision of your parents

As parents it is construed as ways:

It is felt it his Decca Oagamaa invincible man .

It felt: he was killed Decca nail it, and the sound of cock Universal access through good works, and said to your parents or construed Balghulam born.

It felt: Decca Download it for it shows the cloud of some people, and the eunuch Vghulam small cock.

It felt: that his Decca it shows for boy or accompanied by a muezzin for saying peace be upon him: My friend, a parent calls to prayer.

It felt: that the slaughter of Decca, the one he was in slavery, it dies, and possibly weaken.

It felt: that he held the Decca and contained it it shows high vigor, and was a brave man cock construed. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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