young man/women in the dream Interpretation

young man/women in the dream Interpretation

young man/women in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi young man:Is the enemy of man in a dream, the white color it was hidden enemy, albeit a rich brown is the enemy, though he is an enemy Blonde Sheikh. Though he is an enemy Dailamaa Secretary, though he is an enemy Rstakie rude. And if he sees that it follows a young man he gains Bteke it, though the young man followed his enemy he gains it. The young man saw the unknown Vibgdah it shows a hateful enemy to the people. The young man felt it was supervised by an enemy may Astmcn it. It was an old man and felt that it became a young man receives a great decrease. The young man’s enemy, the cunning and deception, or hated enemy, and show his vision and strength to the movement and the predominance of ignorance, and perhaps indicated by the grace and thank God.


In a dream is the enemy of women in any case saw. Young and unknown Almetzana show to hear good news. And current good and beautiful young Zafar and pleasure and joy. And women is better than the unknown known. While women are better concealed hidden with religion. But the good unveiled a famous, though, the good Mtnaqbh ambiguous, but the good are commonly exposed. And young Alnahd good desired. The young woman saw the face he heard a news story Abosh lonely. And if he sees a young woman afflicted are poor and poverty. If a person sees the like naked, lost in his business and was exposed there. Saw that it was the King of struck a virgin estate or trafficked moneymaking. If they saw a young woman turned into an old man showed vision of good faith. The old saw that it became a young and returned to its strength, the pillars of religion much.

young man:

Bishara is a dream for those who saw him, says: {O} a harbinger of this boy .
It felt that he had put a boy or a disease they are bestowed. The development got under way with joy. It is carrying a small boy got them. It developed from a boy, pregnant, they promise Bjarah, and developed ongoing heralded a son. [See the boy.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Young man: (Teenage boy) An unknown young man in a dream represents an enemy. If the young man is known in the dream, then whatever strength, harshness, weaknesses, deceit, perfidy, or character he displays, they denote the same character in wakefulness. Walking behind an unknown young man in a dream means pursuing one’s enemy and conquering him. If one meets an unknown young man whom he dislikes in a dream, it means that such an enemy will surface and people will abhor him. If one happens to like him in the dream, then it means that he will face an enemy whom most people like and sympathize with. If a young man sees himselfturned into an old person in a dream, it means that he will suffer major losses in his life. A young man or a teenager in a dream mostly represents an enemy, for a teenager rarely respects or heeds the advice of his peers. A young man in a dream also represents deceit, betrayal, energy, or stubbornness, though he also could represent blessings and gratitude.

Young woman: (Teenage girl) A young girl in a dream represents an enemy however she may look. Seeing a well dressed and pleasingly adorned young woman in a dream means hearing pleasing news coming from an unexpected person. Seeing a young and a beautiful looking female servant in a dream means blessings, a favor, joy and festivities. In a dream, seeing an unknown young girl is more advantageous than seeing a known one. The strongest in meaning are those teenage girls who are presentable, well mannered and beautifully dressed. If she is seen dressed with modesty in the dream, then she represents goodness, chastity, discreteness, and following the correct religious conduct. If she adorns herself and plays up her charms in the dream, then such goodness will be public. If a young girl sees herself as an old woman in a dream, it means that she will live with modesty and preserve her chastity. Ifan old woman sees herselfturned young again in the dream, it means regaining her strength, sexual desire and fertility. If she engages in lawful sexual intercourse in marriage, it denotes strong religious adherence. If she engages in sexual intercourse with someone without marriage in the dream, then her dream represents her love for the world and attachment to its glitters. Ifone sees anold woman turned young in a dream, then the above explanation becomes stronger. However, if one is poor, it means that her basic needs will be secured. If one has lost her chances in this world, it means that she will have a new opportunity, or if she is sick, it means that she will recover from her illness. Seeing a young girl frowning in a dream means that one may hear disturbing news. If she looks emaciated, then one’s dream denotes poverty. If she is naked in the dream, it means business losses and defamation. Marrying a virgin teenage girl in a dream means wealth. (Also see Little girl)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the young

It felt a boy, he is known and seen what it is pleased it will be better and grace but saw it as tainted opposite is though unknown, there are two said enemy or Bishara It felt as if became a young man was told that he renewed his pleasure and said that he appears in his religion or worldly lack of great and was said to die and saw that it was presented to him a small handsome face, it shall be construed in two ways the king and the Gospel, if not carrying on the arms and was of the opinion that it carries a small swaddle it escapes are distressed unless Echtbt Little was said that he was afraid to be safe, and saw a small favor playing it is not Mahmoud is of the opinion he shouted to the demise of a small and are said to disturb a small risk is of the opinion it is good for good and the benefit and was of the view that small is better for a person who cares little if he woke up sick or worried Farajallah or in prison, his main concern was Dream Interpretation in Islam

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