Year in the dream Interpretation

Year in the dream Interpretation

Year in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Year:May be shown in a dream to see famine and drought, or the suspicion and skepticism in religion, or on the intensity and Altahedd, or to increase the science. Squint and see the evidence in a dream to change the circumstances. Vision and evidence of sedition seer sees in himself or in others. If a person sees the public and people in the drought is indicated by the large number of goodness. The show in a dream year for pregnant women to get rid of birth. [See: General].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Year: (Age; Period; Time) In a dream, a year represents drought, doubt, difficulties, threats, scientific advancement, trials, temptations. If one identifies a year in a dream, during a drought season, it means a good harvest. As for a pregnant woman, identifying a year in a dream means delivering her child. Seeing a year in a dream means experiencing an adversity, or witnessing someone else’s trials and learning a lesson from it, or to repent of one’s own sins.

Calendar year: (See Year)

Calf: In a dream, a calf represents a newborn son. A broiled calf meat in a dream means appeasement of one’s fears or glad tidings of a firstborn son, or it could mean distress, trouble and disobedience. If a woman sees a calf adorned with golden ornaments and jewelry in her dream, it means happiness, joy and celebrations. On the other hand, an adorned calf in a dream also could mean temptations and corruption. Eating calf meat in a dream means money gained from a man or a woman. If one sees himself carrying a calf into his house in a dream, it means distress, sorrow and dismay. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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