yawn in the dream Interpretation

yawn in the dream Interpretation

yawn in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi  yawn: Is in a dream, debauchery, and the work of Satan is pleased with it, such as mourning and prayer for laziness. And yawning in a dream indicates the Leapfrog liabilities, and the reward, and that person is commanded to Ezm if in prayer to guard from the devil.
and perhaps Del to detect the human condition, a disease may be irreversible owner.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Yawning: (Slumberous) In a dream, yawning means an illness or an affliction. It also represents an insolent act that pleases Satan. Yawning in a dream also means a surprise charge at one’s enemy. It also means a reward, because it prevents the person from speaking. Yawning in a dream also means a terminal illness.

by shahin alzahri


Vision yawning

As for yawning, it is to commit harm.

It felt: that yawn, it does not matter Balchukaah.

It felt: that when you yawn put his hand on it, it would be diligent and meaning the way of truth, and perhaps Del yawning a great deal to sleep too much and negligence.

Vision of hiccups

The hiccups evidence of anger, it is not the words of the speaker would.

It felt: it beats a patient is indicated by his death, and was told hiccups is evidence to commit the heresy and its author meant for it back. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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