wind by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wind:

Indicate his vision in a dream to the Sultan in the same power and authority on what creatures from below.
and maybe the wind is indicated on the King Sultan and his soldiers, and his orders and incidents Asakereh and his aides. The wind was a servant to Solomon, peace be upon him.
and perhaps indicated by the suffering and lesions of the unit when Hajanaa especially if Deborah, because it is the wind that perished back with him, and because it is no wind pollinated.
and perhaps indicates the wind on the fertility and livelihood, and the victory and the nail, especially if the wind homozygous for because of the goodness of the plant, including a boyhood and the Arabs, called the boyhood that for admission to the Hornet.
and perhaps indicates the wind on with things and people in Kalzakam ailments and headaches. It saw the wind took him and his campaign without fear or pious nor darkness nor Illabh it owns if the people of the people of that, or who Aamlh. The raised. The wind and it went a horrible afraid nomad concern, or have had a darkness and Ghabra and inconvenience, it was in the ship crashed, though it increased in the bug, and the movie earned only cataclysms and incidents, or exited by the orders of the Sultan or ruler. Saw the wind pollinate the tree and destroy the wall and fly people or Baldoab or food, it is a great scourge of plague in people or sword or sedition or raid, or captivity, or the wind toxins. With the thunder and the wind with the power of a tyrant ruler. It is his wind from one place to hit the sultan, or traveled travel is no longer of it. And the wind soft soft pure goodness and blessing, and the stormy wind and the wind Gore Sultan dust with evidence of the war. The wind from the Gospel of God. And the wind may be a blessing to go from that place, if when it creak and the severity of the punishment. The Sultan saw that he goes to fight and it is mainly spearheaded by the wind. If it gets received by the wind. Felt that the stormy wind Hajt in the position of his family, the fear that they may attain as much force and intensity of the wind and the amount, the trees are gathered, the King is angry with those men and Ahlkhm Koura. Wind and boyhood mercy. The saw has a great wind blew it a disaster, and saw the wind uprooted Nkhala the men of that land killed at the hands of the king. Wind south and indicate the occurrence of calamity or illness or death in that place, and was told: It’s rain and livelihood and if the wind is blowing softly, they indicate the approval of the ill people do not view them. If the good and the wind blew from the point of information, they function on the good news and compassion. And the wind indicates the request needs. The Wind and Wind boyhood victory Hornet betrayal.
boyhood and possibly shown to relieve the worries and grief and healing with things.
and perhaps indicates good on the lucrative travel. Saw in a dream, the wind is indicated by a red disobedience to parents.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Pollination: (See Wind)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the wind

It is believed that the wind Hajt it irritates the people they are and fear as much as it is seen Qalat trees or demolished role, that misfortunes come down in that place is of the opinion RihanTkablta understanding armies facing each other is of the opinion that the wind carry it from one location to another, it travels travel away or affects the elevation It felt that it belongs to the wind, it affects the authority

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the wind

Saw that the wind blew strong Hboba it caused to the people of that place of fear, and even intensified the wind blowing the trees are gathered the people of that place attached to the scourge and calamity, such as bug plague, measles, and the point.

Kirmani said: The wind toxins indicates that diseases of the Holocaust and the wind Zmehrar shows the diseases the cold and the wind moderate show on health and the wind that makes the trees indicate the carrier Salah people of that place.

It felt: that the wind Ozhpth of his place indicates that it travels travel away or gets him in a travel status and pageantry as much as she went to him from earth to heaven.

It felt: he sat down on the wind gets his greatness and force it.

It felt: that the East wind blew it shows the good and the health of the people of that place.

It felt: Wind blowing lightly Morocco are like that.

It felt: the south wind blew it shows a slight increase in the money and grace to the people of that place.

It felt: a light north wind blew it shows healing and comfort, but highly endowed not be good, and heard the voice of the wind indicates that energizes the news of a great king in that place.

It felt: that the wind carried to some people and the atmosphere Rfthm it shows for the honor and sovereignty over them.

It felt: that the herbs they heave Atkablan met.

It felt: I accept the hurricane could then unroll the people on the ground, they go out to war or evil then Astalhan.

It felt: that the wind intensified until almost throw him from his place he is an enemy Fleihdhirh.

It felt: he has the wind affects it, and attributed the Sultanate.

It felt: that the wind Ghabra or darkness of it and are very afraid.

In all, the vision of the wind shall devolve on nine aspects: Bishara and the entry into force is, money and death and suffering, murder, disease and healing and comfort. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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