wheat by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wheat:

Money is in a dream Sharif in fatigue.
It felt that he had bought wheat money and hit the ground and increased in his family.The sultan saw his hand move the wheat price rose food.
It is considered that wheat planting an action in which the approval of God Almighty.Planted in the continued livelihood of jihad, and saw that it was planted wheat and barley grew, the AlanathSrerth better than, the blood is nourished, it eats usury, eating the wheat is wet Salah in rituals. The Green Year fertile spike, spike and land futile years, and Sanabel Group in the hand or in a bowl or in Abdr, fall ill, the owner of a capital gain others. And if he sees that he picks up what fell from the sporadic spikes in the harvest implanted knows its owner, it affects the culture of good scattered remains. And if the person that wins the implant in his time, it is death in that camp, and war and strife. If the spikes are zero, the death of the elderly, although the green is the death of young people or kill them. It is eating wheat land there is nothing good in it.
It felt good wheat received from the king. AllAfrica and haraam wealth. It sold the wheat in a dream Bsair replaced Hair Koran. And wheat in a rope bed women. It was of the opinion that eating wheat dried or cooked earned it hated and felt that his stomach or his mouth or skin may be filled with wheat land it yard-old, otherwise For as much as what was left is what remains of his age.
It is believed that eating wheat green moist for He is good to be ascetic in religion.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Wheat straw: Wheat straw in a dream means goodness and trustworthiness. Wheat: (Grains) In a dream, wheat means money well earned. Buying wheat in

a dream means increase in one’s earnings, or in the number of his children. If one sees a ruler placing a stick and steering inside a bushel of grains in a dream, it means rising prices. Planting wheat in a dream means doing a good deed for God’s pleasure. Walking in wheat fields in a dream means offering a service to God Almighty. If one plants wheat but it sprouts barley instead in a dream, it means ostentatiousness. If it grows blood in the dream, it means that he profits from usury. Eating green wheat in the fields from its spikes in a dream means gaining spiritual progress through ascetic detachment. Eating cooked wheat in a dream means afflictions. Holding a bundle of ears of wheat, or placing them inside a pot in a dream means profits equal to the number of spikes one has


gathered. Harvesting wheat outside the season in a dream means death, destruction, deception and trials for the people of that locality. Harvesting green spikes of wheat in the dream means the death of a young person, but if they are yellow and dry, then they mean the death of an elderly person. Bartering wheat for barley in a dream means replacing the Qur’anic recital with interest in poetry. Seeing wheat over one’s bed in a dream represents one’s wife. Planting its seeds in a dream means conceiving a child. In a dream, wheat also represents a cautious person who manages his affairs with wisdom and who spends his money to help people without being a spendthrift.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of wheat

As for wheat, it is money, and perhaps it is gold, it is felt that it infects wheat struck gold.

It felt: that eating wheat it Fadel hermit.

It felt: he eats wheat dried or cooked there is nothing good in it.

It felt: that his mouth or his stomach or his skin full of dried corn, the old had been carried out so let him fear Allah.

It felt: it garnered wheat and injuring it gets spoiled by money and then does not find a benefit from it.

It felt: he eats it alive and dried wheat for the compromise acts of worship and good works, but not dried or roasted goodness in it in any manner whatsoever.

It felt: he sold the wheat price is a little good in his case, though it sold a high price in lack of religion.

It felt: it distinguishes whether the price of wheat or a gift and did not take it to him instead of the benefit to the public.

It felt: that it buys wheat evidence of infection with a capital increase dependents. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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