Watermelon by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Watermelon:Is in a dream a man of the concerns, it is seen afflicted they do not know its consequences.
It is believed that eating watermelon, it comes out of prison, says: {Fabosoa Borkkm one of you to this city, let him look which is purer food, Vlaotkm Brozk him} . Means watermelon. Ibn Sirin said: It is believed that he extended his hand to the sky So the watermelon, he asked for a king and bestowed quickly. The watermelon is seen Indian people have given him the cold be heavy in the eyes of the people, or speak words heavy. And Almtboukh men of their parents, and watermelon good for those who wanted to love someone else, and anyone who wants to circumcise someone else, and wanted to work the business, the watermelon poorly it is indicated by the unemployment.
It is believed that the watermelon is thrown in the house it dies from his family the number of each and every one of it, and watermelon disease in a dream, green crude, which it did not mature the health of the body. Watermelon and green town or son or wife. And cantaloupe women or men with praise and good is better and probably indicates that women with beautiful qualities or defects of the coarseness of bad dandruff and yellowish red color indicates the jewelry items. [See: Alvqos].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Melon: A water melon in a dream represents a sick person with many problems including suppression of urine. A melon in a dream also means that one will be struck with an adversity for which he will find no solution, and he will not understand its consequences for sometime to come. Eating a water melon in a dream also means release from prison. If one sees himself extending his hands to the heavens from where he receives a water melon in the dream, it means that he is seeking ajob in the government or a wealth which he shall shortly receive. A ripened water melon in a dream means a sickness, while a green and unripened melon means youth and a good health. Honeydew in a dream represent a group of men and women who possess good character and manners. In a dream, a melon also represents a beautiful woman though with bad qualities. Dream Interpretation

by shahin alzahri

Vision of watermelon seeds

The sowing melon green it construed Bold heavy, and if Iblq is better, and if it is yellow sickness, and if he was black lighter. The yellow watermelon seed, it is close to the meaning, and perhaps money, perhaps construed daughter.

Vision of watermelon

The melon he construed the disease and dieback, especially those who eat it, and also picked and collected Faúl disease and eat it told, and was told cantaloupe construed a man of many sorrows, it is felt that hit the watermelon yellow and eat it, it falls in, they do not find salvation from it.

The melon green Valhalo it shows the benefit.

It felt: green sweet watermelon in early and eat it, it indicates the disappearance of the cloud by this and by what remains of it are construed obtaining distressed, and watermelon green in early is better than a cantaloupe and from the finest young adults and it is not harmful.

It felt: that watermelon has a lot it shows its occurrence in the suffering and hardships so as not to see him a treat.

It felt: watermelon in early it shows a woman with a benefit and live, and was told that did not mature melons indicates the health of the body.

It felt: he eats watermelon it out of the gloom, though in confinement, it called on him “Fabosoa of you Borkkm this to the city let him see you purer food Vlaotkm Brozk it,” said commentators is the melon of any kind, whether green or yellow, and was told melon Indian man who is heavy construed Spirit cold Elan has no splendor in the eyes of the people.

In all, the vision never construed watermelon on five aspects: disease, woman and boy and the benefit and live, especially if they stayed

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