well In dream

well In dream

well In dream by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi well:Water well in a dream woman laughing upbeat. If a woman sees the wells is a man of good character. And well, money or knowledge, or a big man or a prison, or under or cunning.
and saw that it was drilling wells and the water he married a woman affluent and cunning of them, as drilling cunning, If not the water, a woman with no money have but felt that he drank from its water, it affects the money from the maker. The wells saw an old house in the locality or village or draws them Alsadron and mentioned by rope and bucket, there is a woman, or husbands, or their values, benefits the people in livelihoods, and have at it said Hassan. And if he sees that the water overflowed from the well that came out of it, they and the sadness and crying in that position. But saw that it was digging a well to irrigate the orchard of them deals with it by having intercourse with his family medicine. And if he sees his well had even entered the water flooded homes, it affects the money and not to be, therefore, out of the house, it escapes from them and go as far as his money out of the house. The thought that occurred in the muddy water well, the act with a man Soltani unfair, plagues and Pkadh and wrongdoing, and it is difficult command. The water was pure, it works for a good man is pleased with him Kvava. Sits over the well, it treats a man Mkara, and escapes from his plot. Felt that the airing or send it in a well traveled. If the well and saw the man in the position is unknown, and it was fresh water, the low man, and where Marzuka, good living, long life as much water, but not the water has run out of old. The collapse of the well the woman’s death. And if he sees that his feet in the well Tdlta it plotted the whole or part with his money. The inn into a well and was half so angry when it travels. The prayer was heard in the middle of the well isolated, although the ruler, and lost even if the merchant. And it was said from his home saw a well in the home or receive it in the capacity of living, and affordable after hardship, and in terms of the benefit does not count, he saw that he fell down a well in the rank and merit. Perhaps the well is indicated on the parent and child, and the grave and polite, and guile and meet her needs, and travel demand, and scarcity and generosity.The interpretation of each well: D Fbir house owner of the house or his shop, or his wife or servant, or his money or his life or his death. And the well is broken and disabled from travel movements. And the well is located in the D roads on the mosque or the bathroom, and perhaps the well is indicated on the adulterous woman that comes to each one.
warm and well D to her bodyguard. And well the way the vagina after D intensity.Sakia D. and Beer to the world is happy that the people, and others lack, and perhaps indicated by the House Science and schools for students. If a person sees a well of Zamzam in the lane or lanes of the country known to the foot of that place people benefit man praying or unknown. Perhaps this indicates that the support of the people of that country to their enemies and the many blessings, and perhaps beneficial rain came down with them when they need it. And if he sees that he stood on a well and drew water from a good net, it was the scholars got him from as far as gleaned, though poor, sacked, although the single married, though his wife was pregnant, had a child, especially if drew a bucket, and only got his reason dispense for its people, and plead for them. If the applicant is required spent his needs, although it hopes journey traveled and got his interest in his money. And that he sought a requirement that was not, although it is hoped the hope he catches If the well is close bribes was a man of generous, though bribed away was a man of miserly, the cave of the well water is indicated polytheism and disbelief in God.
and perhaps Del well to doubt in religion, because it is unlike Bear doubt.
and saw that it was seen in a well speculate and it is seen in a woman. Saw that his well folded, and his wife was sick, or the features, then they get rid of Sagmha and discharged.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Well: In a dream, a well inside one’s house means prosperity, riches, a wife, business, a teacher, poverty, deception, fulfillment of one’s needs, travels, goals, stinginess, generosity, or it could mean a servant. The structural condition of each well in a dream has its own interpretation. A well in a dream also represent a woman who has a loud laughter, or it could represent a pleasant and an in-spiring woman. If a woman sees a well in a dream, it means meeting a man of good character. If one sees himselflooking into a well in a dream, it means that he is thinking about a particular woman for marriage. A well in a dream is also interpreted to represent knowledge, marriage, a big man, prison, ties, or deception. If one digs a well and finds water in it in his dream, it means that he will marry a wealthy woman whom he will deceive. If the water gushes forth rises and runs outside of an old well in the dream, it represents crying and grief in that place. Digging a well and finding water to channel for one’s garden in a dream means taking an herbal remedy to cure one’s impotence, or to save his marriage. Falling into a well of muddy waters in a dream means that one may become subject to the tyranny of an unjust ruler. Ifthe water he falls into is clear in the dream, it means that he will willingly work to serve a righteous man and for a nominal wage. Falling into a well in a dream also means demotion, or it could mean travels. Sitting at the edge of a well in a dream means dealing with a deceiving person. A collapsed well in a dream represents a dying woman. Reaching a well which is dug for the general public to draw from its water means getting relief after suffering from difficulties. Finding a well adjacent to a barmaid in a dream means finding a spiritual teacher, or joining a fellowship and a school for the seekers. If one sees the well ofZamzam quenching the thirst of people in a particular neighborhood other than Mecca in a dream, it means that a gnostic will come to that town, and whose knowledge and wisdom will

. greatly benefit its people. It also may denote the bounty and blessings which are imparted to that town, or it could denote the victory of its people over their real enemy. Drinking from such a well in a dream means fulfillment of one’s intentions and satisfaction of his needs. In a dream, a well also means a prison or depression. If one is in such a state, it means that his adversities will dissipate, and that he will reestablish himself in the circles of people in authority. If the person in the dream is a seer who predicts events, then he may be involved in the circles of governors, particularly to interpret their dreams. It is possible that he also might receive emissaries of notable people who will bring him what pleases him. It also could mean a fight in one’s family involving jealousy, envy, betrayal, though at the end one will triumph over them. Falling into a well in a dream also means being indicted in an alleged crime from which one is clearly innocent. A well in a dream is also interpreted as levying taxes, or it could mean circumcision. Digging a well in a dream also represents a crafty and an artful deceiver.

by shahin alzahri

Vision of the wells

It was originally interpreted in women and money women and discharged casting construed to men, it is believed that drinking from the well and the well of the brick it up to him from his money and be close to a woman the one who Gah.

It felt: that the well water diving, it may Salah and his wife, his property destroyed.

It felt: that he had made a bucket and then pull him stayed behind the bucket, it indicates that it generates a minus was born, and was probably landed.

It felt: it is a bit of watering plants with water well it gets the money and get married or the Atsry grew by something or it shows produced for a son.

In all, the vision of the well shall devolve on five aspects: married and exalted world of large, death and deceit, and was told the well for a man woman man upbeat and women of good character, and perhaps the vision of the well water is indicated on the money.

It felt: that he had signed in the palace well it dies.

It felt: that drink well water, it gets sick.

It felt: that it came down wells imprisoned or killed, though in Atpt ship, and was traveling on land cut off by the way.

It felt: that he got out of it well, God released him from prison and saved and healed, God willing.

It felt: it occurred in a well and found it to bump up his grave.

And opinion is that it draws from a well, it affects the money, hated, and finished the water in the vase is dispelled and it will benefit him.

It felt: that he make a bucket in a well draws water from it, the holder had a son came to the verse, “and goods captured him.” If he had woke up sick, but survived and was imprisoned, but he went out and connected to the Sultan in need, and the well was probably a woman desires, and his death was probably the well.

It felt: water wells and has bung it moodiness, shortness of living.

It felt: So let it dig wells in the drilling season.

It felt: he has a well or contained in its or their own use as well as it does with a woman.

It felt: it is seen in a well in Mtvkr it is a woman and see good.

It felt: he stood with his hand on the bucket well and wants to make it by travel, and probably received the money and good.

It felt: that the wells had rolled up and a woman is sick or on mortality, they repudiated Sagmha and get rid of nifaas.

The pit is a kind of it, but between the two teams to inform them that the well water and pit, which is placed in water, but one rule of expression, as well as the tank. It was of the opinion that in the den, it kills or plotted by the verse, “said the man who said of them do not kill Joseph and force even deeper into the pit.”

meanings by Al ahsaai

See wells

It felt that drinking water wells, it is of the opinion that the sick fell into a well or a landfill or Jeb Vistgat including bump it comes to him, the one that its cavity is of the opinion that draw from a well or channel it affects the money from the hated even emptied the water in the vase, it is spent or go and saw that it was make a bucket into a well and drew water, the had a pregnancy it come to him as boy and that he had the goods in the book made it even had a patient woke up and that he is imprisoned out may be a well woman, it is felt that the king wells, it affects the woman is of the opinion that Ahtafr wells plotted with a woman and it affects them as much as what happened to the soil from which water was found living in Kadra the harm is of the opinion that he viewed it in a well considered in order to marry a woman from before and apply the best Dream Interpretation

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