way by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi way:

Shows in a dream to Shara. The different methods are fads, it is felt that walking in the way it is going astray from the religion. If the Sultan and the ways a rough ride it simplifies the sack in that place. The straight path and proof of what a role model of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Nabiyh, though a sinner repents, though guided by an infidel. And the different ways a function of frequency and unpredictability. And roads that are similar to the Permanent misguidance and heresy and infidelity. And the road is the way in workmanship. And the way in the sea survival of severity, or women-owned, or for gain, or honesty, who survives him if a person followed. And the way the hidden ego and heresy. The people of the mountain in a dream to Fidel cunning and deception. And shows crude in the mountain on the salvation of adversity or travel to the verse: {And God made ​​the earth a wide expanse for you to walk the valley ways thereof} . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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