water by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi water:

Is the good life in a dream, it is seen at his home he is happy and the total prize money and marriage, says: {He it is Who created man from water: then has appointed for rates} .
is of the opinion that the water licenses prolific net price and the extension of justice.Indicates the water and chewing on the severity of the toil of living, and the safety of drinking it from the enemy, and the year of the fertilized mustache. Though in sleep drink more water than he drank in vigilance is indicated by the length of life. Ibn Sirin said Almighty God’s mercy: the water in the temptation to sleep in religion, says:{Gdakka water to the Naftnhm} . A scourge to the verse: {Allah Mbtelicm River, it is drink from it is not of me, and tastes it not, to me, only Agterv room with his hand} .
and saw that it was given water in a glass, it was evidence born.
It felt that drink in a glass of water a net received better than his son and his wife, and the glass of the essence of women, and water Jenin.
It is believed that drinking hot water, an injury cloud too.
is of the opinion that in the water is strife and calamity distressed.
is of the opinion that he has a jar of water net is money inherited.
It is felt that draws water he seeks among the people of lying. Stagnant water and imprisonment. And water virosa live moodiness. And hot water, if used during the day and the death penalty, and if used at night is the panic of the jinn. And salt water in the code of living. And water Chagrin haraam wealth. Black water and ruins. And water yellow disease.
It is believed that drinking sea water are afflicted by the King or disease. It was: water Chagrin Sultan unfair. It is bathed in water and bung it in the intensity of get rid of them, though. Patients lips of God, and was a prisoner escaped. G and salt water.
and saw that it was walking on water, that the power of faith and certainty in God Almighty, and it was said that he travels or risks. It took place in deep water, it affects the world, and Atamol of them, though the minimum sea deep, and said: gain pleasure and grace.
is of the opinion that the consideration of pure water, he saw the face Well it improves its people and its neighbors.
It felt that he poured water into the Sea of it is spent on woman. And water and often are the torment and strife.
It felt that the water has increased in the town exceeded the limit and there is located a great dissension and difference and to destroy the wicked. And fresh water Rizk old and good heart, and science and the lives of those who oversaw the death, says:{And We made ​​from water every living thing} .
and perhaps Del water on the wife of the celibate, and the husband of the single and possibly Del drinking water to drink of the poor. It became a fresh water salty bounced hard labor for his religion or his affairs. The carry water in a container carried his wife.And increasing water shortage in time, or a shortage in time for increased evidence of injustice and price rises. And the explosion of the water in the place they are distressed. Green water and a long illness. And drinking water went black eyes.
It felt that it spilled hot water, it gets sick or imprisoned, or fall ill or are very scared of the jinn.
It felt that afflicted his clothes with water, it resides on the travel or imprisoned for something they could do.
and saw that it was carrying water in the bundle or a dress or as can not carry water in it, it is the ego of his money or status or life.
It felt that he was given water in a cup and had a pregnant woman and a broken cup, women die, but went the water has not broken the cup, the boy dies and recognizes women’s . And washing with cold water, repentance, and healing of disease, and out of jail and paying off debts and security from fear. It drew water from a well struck money trick and cunning.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the whales and Livestock Water

As for seeing whales and beasts of the water it saw that it was caught fish or so soft, it affects the money and booty and good for an in multitude, and old age, although Hekana young, it worries and sorrows endure in the request for his living, although old and young, they like the adults, and saw that it was hunted whales tender of pure water and he ate it, it affects the apple of eye, although the water was Kadra afflicted them and sorrow and that entrap young, which hates people it is between him and Osarh feud severe and fishing top of the river deep the good of what will be the owner is of the opinion that he hit a fish or two fish, it affects a woman or two women is of the opinion it hit a whale salty it fall ill, they are by the kings and the best in the whale salt is of the opinion that he had asked a whale in the pool or pond Fanflt him the right woman rivals, he wants that he denies his money and saw a whale big Vagra his mouth, it imprisoned him and saw that it was hit in the belly of a fish Pearl or Alatin or more it affects a woman taken by a boy or Glamin as much or more to hit the pearls in her womb and that it is the State of Izz a ring to his vision and saw a fish out of Ahalilh it generates a current Dream Interpretation in Islam

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