Washing by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Washing:

Is in a dream indicates the repentance of sins, spend a duty of honoring one’s parents or friends. The wash with cold water in winter is indicated by the worries and Aloncad and diseases, and wash with hot water in winter time is indicated on the profits, benefits, and recovery from disease. It bathed the festival was a bachelor, married.The wash of Ksovan perhaps the oldest on is great moodiness or injury. If the one who bathed in a dream kaafir becomes Muslim, though crazy, was healed. Though bathed in a dream three sons to enter Mecca or it shows the joy and pleasure and to meet and spend Balgaúben religion as well as the wash in a dream of throwing and circling.
and perhaps throwing money at Del victory over the enemies. And washing of the Tour in the pursuit of earning a living, pride, or a service.
It felt that he showered and wearing new clothes was sick, the lips of God, but God Medina spent his religion. The prisoners had escaped from prison. Though worried about his main concern Farajallah. Although the pilgrimage Rizk pilgrimage though a poor enjoined of God, though isolated new God of his mandate to the verse: {this bather a cool drink! , the Job peace be upon him when bathed, put on new clothes, God responded to the Almighty upon his family and his children, and all that went him.The wearing tattered clothes and his main concern goes lacking.
and saw that it was down to wash in a basin or jar, and it was a bachelor, married.
and saw that it was washed with water hot bestowed upon them. Drinking water and the warm praise of the verse: {irrigated water and close their intestines cut off} . It was: Washing marriage. If the women washed the unknown is the rain come down from heaven. And wash your hands with soap and eliminate the demise of religion are and moodiness. Wash and dress indicates the Salah al-Din.
and saw that it was washing a garment of yellow and yellowish Onqah survived the disease. It was: washing clothes and demonstrates the fulfillment of religion. And wash the dead in a dream indicates to spend his religion.
It is believed that the dead man wash his clothes, asked that the lack of prayer or saw to charity or spend the religion or the implementation of a will.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Washing a garment: (See Filth)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See Washing

It felt that side did not find water to wash it too hard it is requested from this world and the hereafter is of the opinion that he showered from the impurity and did wash it, it is him which he wants if he is not washed not his command is of the opinion that he showered money on Friday and Eid, it increased his grades in the Hereafter It felt that he showered and wearing clothes, it delivers all of the scourge of sickness and new clothes but was told but felt that he did not wash wear it released some of the agony and ordered him to meet him agrees on what is of the opinion that he washed his hands and face is not quite

Interpretation of Al zahri

Washing vision

Of saw that it was bathed in a sea or river it shows religion and submission to God Almighty, it is considered that a net wash water then it comes under the rule of pure ablution Furthermore, to facilitate matters of the Hereafter, and the water is clear and pure Vtobeirh against that.

It felt: that he showered from the impurity as it may be facilitated by washing his things and come out of the worry and grief, but could not do so Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that side did not find what it is washed by the things it Taatbeef world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that he showered money on Friday and Eid, it increase the degrees in the Hereafter with the above interpretation of it.

It felt: that he washed his clothes and wear him worry and Vinqta delivers all of the scourge of sickness, although the new clothes because Ayoub was told to wear clothes washed, and new came out than he was of the scourge.

It felt: that he washed it one pay zakaah.

But felt that someone also recommend washing it.

It felt: that he washed what may not be washed, it is believed to be the order in which it is straight and otherwise.

It felt: that he washed his hands and face, there is nothing wrong it.

And the vision of an increase in the use of soap hygiene.

It felt: that he showered Bhnot or in part, the increase was a lover of his love, but loving it Mtnfra increasingly alienated. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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