vulture by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi vulture:

Is a human being in a dream was seen as a fool if dirty night. As was seen during the day if they indicate the disease.
It felt that he had taken Rukhmh it is exposed to war, and are conducting blood of many, and probably very sick.
It felt Rkhma many entered the town of Lashkar-e-down on its people. Saw the patient in his home Rukhmh it dies or supervised on the death of his illness. The vulture of Tanners and Dressers Alfajarin a good sign and the benefit of, and the doctors and patients are evidence of evil. Indicates Shaafa’is on enemies and the people who are idle, and the people who wash the dead, or harbor to the cemetery.Shaafa’is and indicate the thieves and the band and the alienation and destruction of Amer and obscene speech.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Vulture: (Candor; Eagle; Enemy; Evil; Imbecile; Thieves) A vulture in a dream represents a stupid, abominable and a lewd person. When seen during a daylight dream, it means a grievous illness. If one sees a vulture inside his house in a dream, it means sending help to assist someone in difficulty. Capturing a vulture in a dream means a fight or war. A flock of vultures descending upon a town in a dream represent an occupying army with merciless soldiers who will plunder such town. If a sick person sees a vulture inside his house in a dream, it means the approach of his death. As for a tanner and a potter, or the like craftsmen, seeing a vulture in a dream means profits or benefits. As for physicians or sick people, a vulture in their dream purports evil. In general, vultures in a dream represent highway robbers, a band of thieves who are not residents of that town, people who refuse to earn their livelihood through honest work, or it could represent an undertaker, a body snatcher, a grave digger, or a lewd and an insulting person. (Also see Eagle)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of vulture

The vulture, they interpreted the disease, especially if it will be dealt with more severely.

The vulture and the women they accrue interest few idiots. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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