Valley by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Valley:

D is in a dream to travel tired, or on humans is difficult anchors, and perhaps showed his vision on good deeds and acts of worship to God to spend good, and perhaps Del Valley to its occupants or what you sow it. Welcome though the seer of the king and the king triumphed over his enemies, though it appeared a good many dignities, says:{And when Otaha was heard from the valley right} . Perhaps this indicates that the rain falls. Perhaps Del solutions in the valley to take the message to the mighty men, says:{Is the story of Moses as the Lord called him the sacred valley fold, go to Pharaoh, he has indeed transgressed} . Perhaps Del Valley of the prison to contain the mountains it, and entry and exit from it.
and saw that it was swimming in the flat valley until the subject wants it enters into the work of the Sultan and provides for his needs. The valley shows the cutter for the road warrior. It is drilled and Wadia died a family, and the valley indicates relieve those who saw it fell in the valley did not suffer it receives the benefit of the Sultan or guidance from the President.
It felt that dwelt in the valley without laying it to perform Hajj.
It felt that nomad in the valley, he tells Hair . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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