Vision saws

Vision saws

Vision saws of Al zahri Vision saws

The leaflets, they shall devolve on the ways:

It saw a scientist or an ascetic gave him a pamphlet contains the words of the interests of religion and the survival of the Hereafter, it shows the happiness of religion and the world, but felt otherwise or if the publication is black, it is not good .

It felt: that the king gave him a leaflet to the city or state inhabited and the people of goodness and the grace of the types it shows for the great honor and status, though the publication to a city or village is inhabited Vtaoelh Ddh.

It felt: as if he took a leaflet from the Imam and was eligible for state obtained, although not qualified in it testifies to the service of kings.

And the vision of the publication and take his hand is better than the vision of Almstor and taken to the verse, “gets published,” a gospel facilitation and forgiveness in the account and the fact that the publication does not write well, but only . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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