sky by Al ahsaai See the sky

Of the opinion that in the sky is up or stepped up to it because of the obtained blamed and the elevation and that went up to them without reason won out of fear by the Sultan and saw that it was descending from it verging on death, and escape is of the opinion that he built the house he cites is of the opinion that the doors Mfathh or they brought to the ground indicated by the answer to prayer and frequent rain but felt that the doors are closed is indicated by the lack of rain is of the opinion that he fell from the sky, that is hated in religion is the seer The Sultan is still with him his power, and saw an eagle or a punishment flew him to the sky did not fall, it affects the good and lifting, and saw in the sky lamp first sun is extinguished eclipsed is of the opinion that the sky is split, it is a difference between people and lied to God is of the opinion that they split came out of Sheikh solution to that land fertile or young Fdo shown is of the opinion that he walked up the sky walked in effect Rain is of the opinion that it is indicated by a green fertile in that year, or yellow indicates that the disease or are of iron Vmatar that year, and few saw it and signed it indicates that the roof of his home is located by the Dream Interpretation in Islam

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