Vision rules and columns

Vision rules and columns

Vision rules and columns of Al zahri Vision rules and columns

Ibn Sirin said: Column construed sincere straight man to say, and perhaps the strong words.

It felt: that his hand column of iron it shows strength.

It felt: that no one took it from his hand column shows the weakness of his power.

In all, the vision of the column shall be construed in three ways: an honest man and the words of honor and high rank.

It felt: that the column capital from its place, if the ruler, the force had gone out of his obedience and violated, and that was a factor, the authority tends him, but was sold a slave master.

The column wood owner of the state and demand indicates that there is a human being to prove by a state seer, it saw something of that which is in the form of good it is for the grace and prestige and the high degree of those who claim to do so, and saw him and saw an accident in that it is the demise of the attributed to him.

The base is on the ways:

It is considered that the rule was based on a column or purchased by or donated to him it is based on an old girlfriend or Takdoba and quoted on the base as the old saying says, “and the rules of the women . ”

It felt: that it broke the rule base of the demise of the house or the death of his wife that was the rule in his house.

It felt: he sold it base a column called his wife.

Vision of the stairs and the ups and downs

Of the opinion that he climbed a ladder from the clay it up to good, good, and Rizk halal.

It felt: he climbed a ladder of bricks plaster it shows the corruption of religion, but a stone of peace, it indicates the hardness of heart, though it is wood, it shows the weakness of religion.

It felt: it went up a long ladder, if it is eligible for the presidency of obtaining high status, if not better than it is for a Sultan.

It felt: that he came down for something that Vtobeirh against what they said.

It felt: that climbs a ladder and then climb down and then repeat it and seek it in things people well and gets his due. It was a vision of peace for the people of goodness win over the enemy and the people of corruption, lack of religion and commit sins.

It felt: he went up stairs, it affects the authority attributed the good and the power of religion, though he was sick and he reached the stairs last expiry age.

It felt: he went up stairs many countless in number, it follows the state, more so than men, if eligible for it and obtained from the Almighty and the elevation and we were able, though not eligible for that is good religion and Islam to the verse, “Snstdrjhm in terms of do not know.” And perhaps indicates that migration from house to house.

It felt: that he came down on the stairs or ladder in terms of the sentence that it was of a Sultan it down from his status, though his horse came down and walked about on foot, and had a sick woman perished. It was of the opinion that he ascended a ladder and hit the good of the elevation where the sentence is not where it is hoped that.

It felt: he climbed a ladder from an old hit a good trade, though it is at odds with one farmer and his opponent win.

It felt: it fell from the ladder hit the iron in his religion and because of what it was.

It felt: that he came down from the ladder is the degree of degree not sell his business.

It felt: that on the ladder of wood Vanksr by his opponent returned it.

It felt: he set up a ladder and got him to a place known it delivers from the fear and treachery, and was boarding for all Mahmoud unless it deny something similar in vigilance and landing him only to have set up a ladder for the benefit of it is safety, and perhaps indicates the existence of peace to achieve the intended and whether or not when and need it against him for the verse, “Or have him listen to the” verse.

It felt: that climbs a ladder, it gradually moves to the government will gradually, and perhaps indicates that the inauguration speech for those who have family and God knows best. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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