Vision of the prophets

Vision of the prophets

Vision of the prophets by Al ahsaai Vision of the prophets

It felt Adam peace be upon him its beauty and glory crown the state that is qualified and only won the large attributed or indicated that he has committed a sin Fletb the thought that word got his knowledge and knowledge is of the opinion Chet received the blessing and joy is of the opinion Idris won attributed and a high degree, and saw Noah age long and hit the severity and harm, and he gains and kicking kids from wife Dinah and saw the Jew shed by the people foolish ignorant survive and win the rational and the good It felt good earned it are fools then accrue or be in his good and saying truly is of the opinion of the Lot, it is shifting from place to place and the end of his commendable or have a woman slut but who does the work of his people, so let him fear God and repent, and saw Abraham it pilgrimage or alive and the love of God and go worry and distress and was up to Gore from the power of an unjust and to support and was told complicate his father and saw Ismail won the eloquence and the principality and Omar mosque or Auadh a promise of incredible which is of the opinion is of the opinion Ayoub afflicted scourge then save and to compensate for good and that he is sick or has a patient that was not healing from God is of the opinion Younis it accelerates the order fall ill from incarceration and tight and then concludes is of the opinion of David Crown mandate and perhaps plagued by a woman and probably had something Mdkhra The impact of the weevils and saw Solomon Crown mandate and Rizk accordingly is of the opinion Zakaria won at his age a child vomits and saw Yahya received a pious and piety, or become a Jah and the State of the gospel comes to him and saw Jesus became an ascetic worshipers travel a lot and saw Elias him is a call unanswered over his enemies and saw the Greens it is to perform Hajj and the old long and probably indicates that fertility after the cost is of the opinion Luqman Rizk wisdom or child be valid and considered a prophet of the prophets, peace be upon them in the position of the his family are in a war Zfroa their enemy and they are in distress or drought Farajallah them is of the opinion that he was visiting a prophet of the prophets, dead or alive If the pious increased in piety but a sinner repents Allaah be upon him, or indicated that he visited as seen or indicated that the people of Paradise, or got his goodness and blessing, and saw none of them is in the form of well-earned him Salah in his religion and worldly but saw it as a decrease and is a well-indicated by the decrease of the religion of the seer is of the opinion that the Prophet of prophets, it dies a martyr, and proposing in his living and alive and patience on calamities and become yet to nail and saw the tomb of the Prophet of prophets is to get good, a blessing and said to be in his intercession, although charms marry and said some of them saw that he was visiting the tomb of one of the prophets or companions, or of the righteous, it released worry and distress and expiate his sins

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the prophets

Ibn Sirin said: the vision of the first determination of the Apostles show the glory and honor.

And the vision of the Apostles show the nail and the victory.

And the vision of religion and the religion of the Prophet and the performance of its safety.

It felt: happy a joy Prophet screen shows the splendor and wealth and the nail, and saw him angry frown face indicates the severity and illness, and perhaps prepared to find joy.

But felt that he heard or took something of a prophet that affects a portion of the flag of that of the Prophet and be happy.

It felt: Adam peace be upon him if the people of this affects the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the great verse, “I will create a successor on earth.” Although not a people to turn to the verse, “He turned him sideways.”

It felt: that kilometers Adam peace be upon him get his consent and knowledge of the verse, “And He taught Adam all the names.” It was said of Adam saw it for good.

But felt that it hampered the slaughter of Adam to his parents or his teachers.

It felt: Eve shows on the conscience of the world and the increase in state money and the grace and the children and wounding Murad lobbies.

It felt: Seth is living a good and gets his money and the children. It was said of Seth saw it indicates that he recommended and submitted on the bones of things and that he performed the commandment Yoffie right because Seth was a trustee on the face of the earth.

It felt: Idris improve his command and the consequences will be welcome. It was of the opinion indicates that Idris diligence in worship, and where the Seer Idris was the fairest people of his time and wisdom I know.

It felt: Noah longevity but the enemies of the encounter and fatigue damage and the consequences it gets his way. It was said of Noah, have seen the enemies and neighbors envy and save him from the evil God and God take revenge on them.

It felt: the Jew enemies hype surrounding him as he shows them. It was said of the Jew saw it win the rational and the good and bad people who survive on his hands.

It felt: Lot it is shifting from place to place and ordered him to be a welcome end to facilitate its proceedings. It was said of Lot saw it have a lewd woman does not let him see the good in his favor with her, but who does the work of his people, so let him fear God and repent.

It felt: The term of a valid derivation of his name.

And Ibrahim Hajj and it was up to him from the power of Gore was unjust and contrary to his parents. It was said of Abraham saw it alive and the love of God and go worry and distress and affects the good and the world wide.

It felt: Ismail and above the amount spent his needs. It was said of the Isma’il saw the man shows Auadh truthful or a promise of true in it.

It felt: Isaac gets his Gospel and the opening and the spoil of the verse, “and Isaac Bashrnah a prophet of the righteous.” It was said of Isaac saw it escape from disobeying its origin.

It felt: Jacob, it is up to him worried and distressed on the boys and happy after that. It was of the opinion of James, was absent, the fine and comes Bishara.

It felt: Joseph, it gets him on the falsehood of his relatives and its consequences up to and above the rank of the Sultanate and has his way. It was said of Joseph saw they might get him by a woman and its consequences to the good, and perhaps showed his vision on the good news.

It felt: Shu’aib, people Aiqarunh then accrue to those who oppress.

It felt: Moses peace be upon him, it tests the parental Kids and then correct the situation and gains control of the verse, “and gave him his brother Haroun a prophet.” It was in that land perish Sultan unfair. It was said of Moses saw it shows that he is a loser, and he gains victory over his enemies and invincible from Iedi, albeit in a sea escapes unharmed and gave him a stick of Moses in a dream, it is alive and chemistry really survive than feared and gave the sword to kicking courage really is.

It felt: Aaron successor or fall ill, a man of great trials and litigation and its consequences to be good.

It felt: Elisha ordered him to facilitate difficult.

It felt: David, it gets him and the damage was from a narrow point of dependents. It was of the opinion will be successor of David in his family, and may receive good or judgment and the property of, and may be tested because of a woman, and perhaps had something savers The impact of the weevils Vljevkdh.

It felt: it rises of Solomon and up to the rank of the Sultan who was worthy of him and increase his wealth and his grace and the force was ordered for the best anyway. It was said of Solomon saw it indicates to travel and return with him recently, and perhaps gain the safety of the derivation of the name.

It felt: Zakaria it God help him to do good things. It was said of Zechariah saw it alive and viable child.

It felt: Yahya avoid it for the world and the acquisition of its proceedings and be busy work that the afterlife. It was said of Yahya saw it testifies to the life of the State and glad tidings and good.

It felt: Green travel, it travels away from capacitive and safety. It was said of it saw the Greens and the old pilgrimage long.

It felt: it is easy for him to Elias odds things. It was said of Elias saw it indicates that he calls God Vistjab him.

It felt: Ayoub it cures diseases and aches and Tnsaleh conditions. It was of the view of Job, the ill or have a patient gets his healing from God.

It felt: Younis it gets after his hardship relief and pleasure after the destruction, and out of the darkness into the light. It was said of Yunus saw it come out of the narrow space.

It felt: The rump, who was worthy of the sponsorship by the community holds it, although not Faatman Secretariat.

It felt: Luqman Allah bless him and the wisdom of payment and valid opinion.

It felt: it follows a centuries a man of great and can intercede with Him and accept his intercession and is proceeding with the toilet.

It felt: it is Jesus dead Yahya its proceedings and acts of worship and strength to get him all the best to do good things. It was said of Jesus seen alive worship and asceticism and piety, and perhaps survive his travels abounded than fear, and perhaps kicking science of medicine so as not to be like him in his time.

It felt: His mother Mary, they show a great verse in that position.

It felt: Prophet peace be upon him, it gets him relief after grief and spends his religion, though confined or constrained by it save him from prison, and bound him and be safe from fear, though in a narrow and drought there grace and goodness it, but if he is rich it is increasingly essential.

Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: Whoever sees me in a dream has seen me truly, the devil is not me and was told to see peace be upon him show happiness Hereafter, and was told that was vanquished triumph over his enemies, though he was sick lips God Almighty.

It felt: that he was visiting a prophet of the prophets, whether dead or alive, this shall be construed in three ways: first, if regurgitated increased piety, though a sinner repents Allaah be upon him and the second is visited as seen or for good, a blessing and third evidence that the people of Paradise and the winners.

It felt: he insults a prophet, it came with its appeal.

It felt: increased length of a prophet or a presentation of what is in people Vtkon sedition.

It felt: none of them have peace when he is old, it would be a great comfort to the people of that place.

It felt: one of them a good picture of it in Salah in his religion and worldly affairs.

It felt: that none of them wear a thing of the pleasures of this world or given it for a pond and the intercession of the Day of Resurrection.

It felt: that none of them covered with some of the pleasures of this world, it neglects the Sunnah and not the welfare of, and gave him something which is recommended when ever it does good things.

It felt: that one of the graves of the prophets, it follows the Sunnah, but if there is something of the greatness of his followers to be informed of his way and got it.

It felt: one of the prophets which tell him to be in violation of law that forbid him Zgra and a threat for saying peace be upon him: If not ashamed of God, then do as you wish, this is not something to do but it is a threat.

It felt: one of the prophets which decrease it shows a decrease of the religion of the seer should fear God.

It felt: one of the prophets is the good image is close to that.

Said Jafar Sadiq may God be pleased with him: the vision of the prophets or one of them construed as a century and a face: the mercy and grace of Izz and the high amount and the state and win, happiness and principality and power of the Sunnis and the group and good in the world and the Hereafter and comfort to the people of that place.

It felt: he discusses one of the prophets and the prerogatives and raises his voice, that it had the most recent fad in religion and the Sunnah.

It felt: So let it kill him as tells him so let him fear God and over.

It felt: he wears the prophets dressed it in favor of his religion and worldly affairs.

It felt: that he became a prophet he die a martyr or alive patience and calculation of worship and the calamities.

It felt: it does some acts of worship and the Prophets of the land is evidence of good faith and the health of conviction to Islam, and if he saw what is not suitable where it is against that and they said to relieve distressed.

It felt: one of them and decrease the defect or lack of it a religion.

Vision of the companions

Who saw Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him, a divorced face it hilarious joy and pleasure to the view of Ibn Sirin and said he saw the collection of science and it’s in a place known to this body, it is better for the people of that place, and saw a frown is against that.It was said of Abu Bakr saw it to be honest many Sdouka good.

It felt: Omar may Allah be pleased with him, Ibn Sirin said: be of good conduct and was said to be long-lived, thanks to the right Quala effective for good Mzehgha of the void, perhaps alive wandering the ancient House.

It felt: Uthman may Allah be pleased with him it shows modesty and piety and asceticism, sport and be good was virtuous, and perhaps be killed unjustly.

It felt: ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah bless him, it would be a high-shop and a high place and eloquent, brave and strong heart influential certified and was told he saw a divorced facial gain knowledge and courage, and saw him alive in the place of obtaining the people of that place of science and justice, equity and raise their tyranny and injustice.

It felt: none of the Sahaabah Fletol derivation of his name such as Saad and Said it would be happy and Msauda and correct opinion, and perhaps improved his actions. It was of the opinion none of them will be in the way of Islam is a strong sport and sincere words and good deeds, and acts of exemplary perhaps he saw them for saying peace be upon him: my friends are like STARS Boém Aqtdeetm Ahtdeetm. It was the vision of Hassan and Hussein, show some pride, to communicate and receive good and comfortable, and probably die a martyr.

It felt: Jafar the pilot to perform Hajj and it invades.

It felt: Abu Huraira narrated that Anas ibn Malik, or he be willing to traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him and be his inclination to his knowledge and his law and longevity.

It felt: Salman the Persian God bless him science and the Koran.

It felt: Saad bin Abi Waqas be a tendency to invasion.

It felt: Abdullah ibn Abbas and Abdullah bin Masood, it runs missions strive to worship and acts of religion.

It felt: Bilaal enjoin what is good and it will be a mentioned on the heads of creatures.

The vision of the sentence Companions of the Prophet and the best perk in the world and the Hereafter. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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