Vision of the blockade and siege

Vision of the blockade and siege

Vision of the blockade and siege of Al zahri Vision of the blockade and siege

Of the opinion that he entered a blockade it safe from the evil enemies.

But felt that he came out of the siege by the enemies command the .

It felt: that he came out of the siege did not find it distract him from Mahmoud, but if there is a gap with the rest and it is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that he lacked something of the machines did not find it a lack of ability, though he found it completely ordered, whether that is surrounded or besieged.


Vision and the cannon and catapult Almekhalh

Of the opinion Mngeniqa thrown by the castle or city attributed to Islam, the seer gets him talk in which the lack of Islam, and perhaps the damage to the people of that place should fear God, and was designed by the city of infidels or their stronghold it is evidence that the proposal based on the religion of Allah disliking for others.

It felt: that happened defective catapult it to the predominance of Rami and nail for the people of that place. The stone catapult it construed the word Great, it is felt that a stone from the afflicted, it is no good when the gig where something is broken, or get very harmful to seek refuge with Allah from it and was told the word catapult stone king. It was the view of catapult stones down on the place of the demolished or ruined the damage as much as demolition, destruction, but shall be less than that, and the damage is found.

It felt: it makes it Mngeniqa harboring subtle and scheming.

It felt: it sabotages Mngeniqa it seeks to have the invalidity of himself and of others or con.

It felt: he sculpts stone catapult it holds the property on the order even speak a word where the damage and harm.

It felt: it breaks the stone catapult it breaks the word of the king. It was the vision of the coming of the military catapult construed Whatever saw it from Zain or Shin Faúl it.

The vision of the cannon understand, discount and Ghalib and lap word that discount and was told that it expresses a kind of catapult, probably the gun is stronger than the catapult, and was told the catapult is what takes the place of the king and the gun big is the new king given shall be deemed the crossing meanings in it and interpret what appeared to him grace of God.

The canons without understanding it and express that sense of a relative on the pot and the Board.

The oils and stock Alkhtaúa and pilots, and so cause harm burning is harmful, it is felt that something hit one of the words that fall ill burn.

It felt: that something of that hit the place did not hit him it will not affect it, but being because of him and all that is intended by the rights of all kinds is a word of what was it right was to talk to the effect, though the pain was reported, but did not hurt does not have the words effect and God knows best.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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