Vision of rooms

Vision of rooms

Vision of rooms of Al zahri Vision of rooms

It is felt that in a room or Gerfat it safe and warns that fear of the verse, “They are in Algerfat safe.”

It felt: that in the new room, the poor, was sacked, though a merchant Faqpth benign, and was said to have struck a rich money.

It felt: that in the old room, the bankrupt if he is poor and has increased his poverty, but rich Increased wealth and happiness, and that was religious Increased Salah in his religion. It was the vision of the room shows a woman, it is felt that it builds the room a woman accused of, and built a room on the other is indicated by his marriage to a woman over his wife, and perhaps indicates the position at an altitude chamber and raising the degree of relevance among the people.

A vision homes

House shows single women.

It felt: Beta on the promises it shows the marriage of a woman of chivalry, Afaf Mantha and carry on his neck, and maybe she conceived of it.

It felt: that he had entered a new house, he marries a woman and gets his money goes.

It felt: that he entered a house with plaster or bleached Mamora did not know the owner it shows near him.

It felt: he ran away and entered the house and closed the door and the house offline houses it shows salvation from worry and grief, though he was sick Awfi.

It felt: the demolition of his house, he made his money if this was obsolete.

It felt: that the demolition of the house other than it is to get money of others.

It felt: it fell upon a house or a wall it shows for money galore.

But felt that in the new house, it indicates to dispense, but of silver, he repents of the sins of the verse, “those who disbelieve Barahman to a ceiling of their houses with silver.” Although the rich getting his money .

It felt: that his house has expanded from what it was for Yes, money and increase of income, but felt otherwise it against him.

It felt: that his house and there is no solo around the house, it is not good.

It felt: that he sprayed his house, he gets his act works because of moodiness is not good in the sprinkler if it is in the home.

It felt: that in the house which prevents it from going out for good and a welcome consequence.

It felt: he be punished for it in the house of virtue, goodness and grace.

It felt: that in the house of an anonymous do not know and heard the words, deny like him in real life, or did not understand that a thing or quoted by the evil it is his death and that house his grave, and was told that the house is the woman who sheltered the man whatever he saw from Zain or Shin construed it.

It felt: that he towered over the house unknown and was too high, it affects a woman a

Vision ceilings

Felt that the roof of his home a run-down and signed it originally resident in the death of its owner or the owner.

It felt: that the roof of his house, dripping water, it crying on dead or sick.

It felt: that the dust of its roof gone, it lacks the money and outs of his grace.

It felt: that something of the plant they grew Bsagvh men outwitted it.

It felt: that the group is above the roof as well.

The vision shows the cracking of the roof is hated and get a stone or an arrow or so influential talk shows as far as the strike affected .

The vision of good roof and Tzachrvh construed and glory of Jah to his companion .

And the vision of the fall of the roof for a great misfortune for the verse, “the roof fell down upon them from above them,” verse, and was told if the ceiling was of wood is indicated by a high, the income ceiling as if he saw him Fasttert heaven where thieves entered it and stole luggage .

Vision and refraction of the trunk of the roof indicates the death of a man a hypocrite .


Vision surfaces

Valstah anonymous woman known as Izz Al and the high honor and prestige as much.

It felt: that he ascended the surface on which it is indicated by the honor, rank and honor for the honor.

The plant is not on the surface of Mahmoud, as well as if the group above it.The flow of water over the surface Universal access are distressed unless the rain.

It felt: that above the roof, unless it can rise as they get gm. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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