rights: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi rights:

Saw in a dream of one person of unknown children of Adam, they may see that person is the same. And if he sees that person might do well he does it, and saw him do evil he committed. Perhaps the only one that ends it for him or his living. And seen two, the hair was afraid of security. The three felt that the evidence of piety for committing incest.
and saw a man he knows it takes a likeness of him or something, It felt like something taken from him loves him got what Aamlh. Although it is the people of the state and taken from him as if he saw a new shirt, it July, the strand taken from him under it.The felt as if he took money from him, it despairs of it lies between them enmity and hatred.
and saw a man known to go that man to the rank of high, it was of a high rank degenerated worth, or revealed by the scourge, it shows the descent of good or evil to him as he saw, and be a like for like, or a lack of an increase in the number is the increase or decrease in the seer in the number is not that he was returning on who is of the same sex or likeness or is one of the country. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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