Region by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Region

Strain in the middle area, it is half the age. The longevity of the many areas for those who wear them. Born and the region or the head is huge.
It felt that without him the jewelery, it is based on an honest man strong Aziz receives it with good grace, or, pull it back, and it fills a paragraph. And tighten the waist area and sacked if he is poor or strong authority. The area was adorned with gold, the ornaments of the governor of his commanders, although the ornament of iron, his generals the people of power and good, albeit from a zero in them enjoying the pleasures this world, and that was one of the bullets were with weakness, and weakness, but of silver, was thus attributed to Mr. it shall be the President a man of status and money, though it was born to be a boy and where there is some ignorance.The area was given and taken with his right hand did not wear it travels travel in Sultan, though his left with his right hand and the whip, it states. The pull back by Vangtat it isolates the authority or the boss dies or die. But his area was intermittent and hopes that his son received, though by fear or bug still, though his power is strong authority. Service and the region of the Heroes, or a woman or a large number of Eyal.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the ring and the region

It felt that he ring of gold or silver or other was torn in the corruption of religion is of the opinion that it is area that is not sweetened it infects a son or a brother or a man memorizes its people, then they sweetened it affects the money known for it or were born there is his family and saw more of the area is best

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the region

The region, it devolves on the ways:

It is considered that the area it is sweetened, it affects a child or a servant or a man or what great people to memorize it, but sweetened it affects not invoked by the people or children of his household prevail .

And the region means it pulls Alhayash Alkhasikh by ​​media and others who attributed it to the king and the father of the concept and interpreted or uncle or son or man of the rulers or of the use of its men in its affairs .

It felt: that it is two or more quality and more reliable.

It felt: that he has done so many areas are unable to carry it long until the very end of old age.

It felt: he was given his area, they shall devolve on the three aspects: injuries and money for a boy and a long life.

Is of the opinion that he is trying to wear it travels the journey in Sultan, attributed the gain and prestige.

It felt: a region with his right hand and taken it travels, and take his left is the state, though they are told and studded with the finest.

It felt: that the king gave him the tightening of the waist, it devolves on it before the age of half, though the area was adorned with gold engraved it interpreted a lot of intercourse, and was told the area sweetened with gold interpreted the state in which injustice and the region sweetened silver devolve state of the justice of this, if eligible for state . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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