Vision of hotels and taverns

Vision of hotels and taverns

Vision of hotels and taverns of Al zahri Vision of hotels and taverns

They are merchants and travelers in the sense one because traders are staying in hotels and save their goods and taverns shelter travelers in particular, but its ruling on the expression of one, it saw the hotel is unknown and was sick Vijav him from death, albeit on a journey, he travels, and perhaps move from place to place.

It felt: that he came out of the hotel and rode his mount when he came out, it was traveling, it goes a journey, though no patients with Mahmoud in his right.

In all, the vision of Khan construed to six aspects: a woman and obscene score and the safety and engage in something that is not Mahmoud and comfort of fatigue and lack of prestige Izz. It was the vision of travelers, no matter how construed Khan saw it from Zain or Shin is thus expressed them, and perhaps the man Gemariah Khan and the hotel is a literary man. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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