Dream symbol starting with Letter H

Ice cream salesman

Ice cream salesman Ice cream salesman by Ibne serin Ice cream salesman: (Cooling) An ice cream salesman in a dream represents a hard working person who labors to provide comfort to others, whose efforts are praiseworthy, and whose earnings are blessed. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Hyena Hyena by Ibne serin Hyena: (Hog-like wolf) A hyena in a dream represents a fierce, an unjust and a perfidious enemy whose actions stem from the directives of an evil and an ugly old witch. If one sees himself eating the meat of a hyena in a dream, it means that he is bewitched and …

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Hyacinth Hyacinth by Ibne serin Hyacinth: (Bulbs; Gem; Sapphire) These bulbous and bell-shaped flowers in a dream differ in meaning depending on their type, shape and fragrance. If one smells a hyacinth flower in a dream, it means relief from sorrow, end of adversities, good deeds, or making a true promise. If one sees a deceased …

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Hurry Hurry by Ibne serin Hurry: (Celerity; Haste; Hastiness; Quick pace) Walking with dispatch, or with a quick pace in Mecca or in any town in a dream means victory over one’s enemy. Celerity in a dream also represents haste, or the dispatch through which one leaves this world. Moving with a quick pace in a …

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Hunt Hunt by Ibne serin Hunt: (Food) In a dream, a hunt represents a booty or profits. If one hunts a deer or a rabbit in his dream, it means money and profits. If one hunts for sport in the dream, it means backbiting or slandering a woman. If one sees himself hunting with hunting dogs …

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Hunchback Hunchback by Ibne serin Hunchback: (Friend; Good luck; Money; Prosperity) A hunchbacked in a dream means prosperity, longevity, or having a large family. Seeing oneself in a dream as a hunchback means acquiring wealth and a large property through an influential person in one’s family or a son. One who sees that in a dream …

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Humorist Humorist by Ibne serin Humorist: (Comedian; Storyteller) In a dream, a humorist represents frivolity, prankishness, satire, falsehood, deceit, or sarcasm. (Also see Comedian) Dream Interpretation in Islam