Vision of forts and castles

Vision of forts and castles

Vision of forts and castles of Al zahri Vision of forts and castles

They are the sense of one, it is felt that reconstructing the village it shows Salah religion and also indicates the decline of his enemies in the strait.

It felt: it sabotages Unlike the castle and the fort was building castles in the vision of the work of the people of Hell, but if he saw the building it with milk and mud from the work of the people of Paradise.

It felt: that he was staying in the castle, entrenched in his residence, it indicates the stability of religion and good faith intention to conclude and religion.

It felt: that he came out of her in any way and no longer was it to get out of religion altogether, and perhaps revenge on Del enemies of it.

It felt: it hung at face value, or its interior, it would be the metaphorical religion is not real.

It felt: that in the castle and has ample ammunition and it is proof of his religion, Salah, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that in the fort of the forts Nska it alive in his religion and righteousness in his Astmkana as much of it.

It felt: that related to the fort from the outside or from inside or Bzawith it be in his religion and his living as much as possible and Alastmkan than that.

It felt: that the latest fort it lacks something in the lack of religion.

It felt: that in the fort, and Random him from his enemies he is not safe from a disaster.

It felt: that the fort, a notch plugged it in Salah al-seeking payment of his religion and excess of it and rectify it by repentance and good deeds.

It felt: that it is engaged in excavating a fortress in the presentation of people with debt and relevance should fear God.

It felt: that the same castle in which he has improved and his group and Zadeh it safe from his enemies and win the Bmtaloppe and Salah in his religion and force at his command.

In any case, the vision of man himself in the castle in any way was it Mahmoud unless it is blameworthy in the science of expression, and said to the fort is Islam, it is believed that he built a fortress it is guarding his private parts of the Sacred and the same humiliation and his wealth of showing off . Dream Interpretation in Islam


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