Dream symbol starting with Letter F


Furrier Furrier by Ibne serin Furrier: Seeing a furrier in the summer in a dream signifies trouble, distress and sickness. Seeing a furrier in a dream in the winter means health, energy and dispelling difficulties. (Also see Fur) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Furnace Furnace by Ibne serin Furnace: (Kiln; Oven) In a dream, a furnace means distress, burdens, trouble and suspicion. Seeing a limekiln in a dream means backbiting people of knowledge or religious scholars. As for a brick-kiln in a dream, it means oppression, injustice or polytheism. A furnace or a kiln in a dream also represents …

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Fur coat

Fur coat Fur coat by Ibne serin Fur coat: A sable fur coat in a dream means a war, a fight or deception. It also denotes vulgarity, meanness, or it could represent a powerful man, his wealth and children. (Also see Fur; Sable) Dream Interpretation in Islam

Funeral prayers:

Funeral prayers: Funeral prayers: by Ibne serin Funeral prayers: Performing the funeral prayers (arb. J anaza) in a dream means interceding on behalf of the deceased. If the deceased is unknown, then performing the funeral prayers in a dream means employment for a jobless person, profits from a partnership, or it could denote failure to adequately …

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Fuller Fuller by Ibne serin Fuller: (Bleacher; Tinner; Whitewasher) A fuller in a dream represent a wool bleacher. A whitewasher in a dream implies covering people’s faults or giving someone a new dress or he could represent a tailor. A fuller or a whitewasher in a dream both signify dignity, honor, richness, praises and correcting the …

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