Vision of fire and sparks

Vision of fire and sparks

Vision of fire and sparks of Al zahri Vision of fire and sparks

Of saw a fire without smoke it closer to the kings and sultans and unravel its proceedings held and facilitated its affairs odds.

It felt: that the one delivered in the fire did not burn it construed the Gore Sultan him, and then after that pleases him quickly and enjoys the good news of the Almighty as saying “We said O fire be coolness and peace.” If burned by fire, it travels hate or get his injury or illness or is in distress or trouble and misfortune and calamity, and the forces of flame fire that burned in and out of them sound great, the adversity and hardships and calamities that have contacted him are due to the Sultan, but the fire smoke Fathesel money from Orphans forbidden, though the fire threw the spark it gets him a fight because of his rivals, taking money for orphans.

It felt: that fire from the heat and fever, it Istgat him from afar or Iham.

It felt: a fire burning in his hand that it gets him good and benefit of the Sultan.

It felt: it is designed for people to fire, it shows the dumping of hostility between the creation.

The dealer saw that the fire has flamed in his shop and cloth luggage and it shows on the sale of which is equal to three dirhams dirhams did not spare the creature.

It felt: that the fire has flamed in his house, it indicates that it seized from kings and mighty men.

It felt: that the fire had burnt garment, it indicates the occurrence of discord and strife with his relatives or Igtm for the money.

It felt: a fire has gone out from under the ground and rose toward the sky, it indicates to fight the people of that place with his name Izz al-Bari, God forbid that false speech and telling lies and disobedience.

It felt: that the fire had moved from place to place did not get damage it shows the benefit of it, albeit a poor sacked.

It felt: that the fire fall from the sky or of fancy like the rain it is evidence of the scourge and sedition and shedding of blood from the hand of kings and sultans and the dumping of hostility between them and killed many people in this place, and was shot in the interpretation of two types: fire harmful and fire beneficial Fire harmful as narrated from Ibn Sirin that a man came out and said if I saw a hidden burned with fire and hit the other end of the shot blasting you said to him, the land of Persia cattle may change them went half of the wounded and the other half thing was going well.

The dark Holocaust indicative of sorrow, disease and epidemic, especially if the same flame and also reveal the fear, it is believed that the fire occurred in the role until ruined the whole it is a fight and go their money and the fire in the desert wars and the voice of fire, noise and screaming.

It felt: as if he took the live coal from the power of money it receives prohibited by the Sultan.

It felt as if he broke his stomach and saw a fire in which it eats money of orphans unjustly, fire is a useful and illuminating interpretation of the observed good security is afraid of the Sultan and its light indicates the Cos and lighting the fire on the door of the Sultan of people benefit from it.

It felt: that with people sitting around a fire safe from harm, it receives the grace and blessing of the verse, “that Burke from in and around the fire.”

It felt as if he caught fire, smoke or swallow it alive her pilgrimage, God Almighty.

It felt: a fire illuminated the night is dark, it affects the power and pleasure and an honor on him in the story of Moses, “I Lancet, a fire,” he received the power and prestige and prophecy.

The bright fire that do not smoke where it is to the governor of the state and dealer profit and for celibate women and drink fire from the power of ugly words.

It felt: a fire that hit him, it indicates the person may promise something that he meets, including his promise to the verse, “fire and the promise of Allah those who disbelieve,” verse.

It felt as if he was staying smoke it affects the fever on him, “continued from Ihamom.”

It felt: like a cup of fire Astaly it uses the callous authority in the intensity of poverty.

If she saw a woman snapped a fire Vangdan fire illuminated it gives birth to a boy and a meeting Almekdahh and trigger indicates the state of regularity because the hardness of stone, iron, and quite severe oppression and Angdah fire fight between two stones two men sinners and amortized soothing charm. The light put out the fire in the country of death is the death of its President and in house value.

The ash For three ways: Some of them said he did not benefit from it, and was told is the word void and haraam wealth was said was said in the order of Sultan is seeking does not get tired of it except for the verse, “ash heated up by the wind on a windy day.” It was the vision of the burning fire for those who hated him reliable.

It felt: fire eating each other calamity, it interpreted the accession to the King of intent is unfair in that place.

It felt: a fire rose from earth to heaven it is construed that the people of that place had disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.

It felt: a fire was revealed from heaven on the place did not burn it for weakness and Okhm to the people of that place.

It felt: a fire occurred in the commodity and spend it affects the good owner.

It felt: a fire occurred in the structure of wood or misfortune it down the people of that place.

It felt: that the flame of fire in his home that it was between him and the evil of a dispute and they Astalhon and gets them the grace and become brothers of the verse, “when you were enemies and He joined your hearts in His grace So you became brothers.”

It felt: that stoked the fire by the light, it shall seek to obtain informed consideration and Aanasseh and speculate that, even if it does not benefit kindles this science.

It felt: a fire burned a member of it or dress it fall ill, damage or misfortune as much as those who burned him is difficult.

It felt: a great fire does not look like this shot has been placed and delivered where it is survival of those who fear and caution.

It felt: he made a fire in a bowl and achieved for himself or illuminated by it haraam wealth.

It felt: it extinguishes a fire, and Oqdha for the benefit and the benefit of it is poor, and gets him in the world said.

It felt: it encircled his bed above or beneath it, and he was sick or Mkroba is evidence of his poverty and agony to go.

It felt: a fire glow under a boil as much as he did not know what is already there and then extinguished the fire and cooled much, if patients Awfi.

It felt: sparking scattered, it is said he heard it and despised and calamity, many sparks.

It felt: that the torch in his hand from the fire of it fall ill, capacity of the Sultan, and had a smoke was in his power that an event or Hall.

It felt: sparking occurred in people, it lies in them enmity and hatred.

It felt: Sparks eat it, it came the words, wickedness, dispute or war between the people and damage to them.

Smoke Hole and the vision of a great and heavy fighting and the war, although the flame with smoke that it affects people died miserably, albeit without the flame gathered without war and strife without killing.

In all, the vision of the fire shall devolve on the twenty-six face: enthrall and functioning, corruption, and the complexity of the dispute and the words ugly and prevent the intended and the anger of the Sultan and the death and entry into force and not to measure knowledge, wisdom, and through the guidance and the calamity and the horror and anguish and Sultan, plague and Brsam and Nvatat and advice, security and haraam wealth and livelihood and benefit.

Vision of coal

The inclined coal is haram, it is felt that putting coal on the fire and it shows Okdh treatment of the king and get money and honor him, and said coal money and by the grace of the Sultan.

It felt: that its members or black garment which it gets it from the king of sorrow and hardship, and was told that the coal from the tree indicates a dangerous man if that benefit from it, and if that does not benefit from it is ashes. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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