Vision of families

Vision of families

Vision of families of Al zahri Vision of families

Of the prisoner saw that it was not good and when they fall ill, too.

It felt: it is the king prisoner, Mahmoud.

And the vision of captive accrue by virtue of high prestige.

It felt: that a prisoner has to get rid of it escapes worry and grief.

It felt: he was captivated him is his counterpart.

It felt: like a prisoner who believes his religion other than that it did no good, but did not do it, Mahmoud.

It felt: it improves the prisoner to do it good and be acceptable to God when the verse, “needy, the orphan and the captive.”

It felt: that the prisoner himself unpack it seeks success in the Hereafter.

Vision of oppression and injustice

Of the opinion that it Bagh Musharraf to disappear because the death of a prostitute.

It felt: that no one prostitute therefore supports the interpretation of the meaning “prostitute then it Anasrnh of God” and also the injustice he put it as well. It was the vision of injustice not to devolve Alavlah and ruin, may provide the rest of the speech on the injustice in the separation of the vision of injustice. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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