Vision of alcohol

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of alcohol

 Of the opinion that he drank wine, and there is no undisputed, it affects the money forbidden to drink as much as them and was a great sin to the verse, “They ask you concerning wine and gambling say which is a great sin,” verse.

 It felt: that drink the wine drunk from it infects and affects haraam money from that money as far as the Sultanate of sugar, although sugar is not it fall ill, they wine and great fear of the verse, “and see people drunk,” the verse.Perhaps Del sugar on death, especially for the patient to the verse, “And the stupor of death,” verse.

 It felt: that people who drink wine with Ietém the cup, it indicates the occurrence of hostility between them and the dispute to the verse, “Satan wants only to excite enmity and hatred.” And may commit sin with them, and maybe get in his money.

 It felt: that he fought with a wine to drink it is construed that there is no goodness in it.

 It felt: that it serves the wine pressed the Sultan and other things happening on the bones of his hand, and perhaps the vision of the era showed alcohol in the house on the death of some people.

 It felt: a river of wine on it in two ways: The income afflicted affliction and harmful, but did not enter Faúl boss change it.

 It felt: wine is a liquid when swimming or running, it interpreted the accession temptation is great and the sale of alcohol to sell something forbidden, perhaps indicated by the usury, and not to benefit.

And the vision of drinking alcohol for Metwally isolate .

 In all, the vision of wine interpreted in three ways: forbidden and married a hidden blessing the world.

And the vision of the era of wine indicates rounding to the presidents and get benefit from them and wine seller indicates that the strife and enmity, and was originally a wine is haram money without difficulty, and was told is money, whether lawful or forbidden .

 It felt: that he drank wine mixed with water it receives money, some old and some are forbidden, and probably affects the money in the company, and may take from a woman money and fall into temptation and sugar of the wine sang a permanent mixed with arrogance, and was told the Sultan bestowed his vision, and it was said is proof of the security of fearful the drunk does not freak out about something.

And the vision of alcohol in injury Akhabah treasure, and the hashish and opium, which is a kind Ikhamr between a man and his mind so we added Vlogel with wine, it saw something it is not of Mahmoud .

 It is it considers that: that he sells hashish or crushed it construed on three aspects of: mad and committing ordered alarming and the weakness of in torque and opium are the worried and distressed and eat it construed by insisting on impiety, and perhaps del hashish and opium on the a capital haraam and is not out of to him nor the survival of. Dream Interpretation

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