Altkh by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Altkh:Are in a dream woman. The women’s brother and uncle of smelting. Altkh for a pregnant woman and a girl.
It felt in the Tikka Sraoelh his wife denied it, and bear him a son that was pregnant. As if he saw the Tkth put under his head, it does not accept his son. But felt as if it offends Tkth interrupted intercourse with his wife, or abandoned. Felt as if the Tkth live, the enemy of his brother in law to him.
It felt as if Tkth of blood, it kills a man because of his wife, or help to kill his wife, and it was said that he saw from a wire in the Tikka snick Sraoelh was born a girl. Altkh and joy of the sad and glad to sadness.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Altkh

But it devolves Altkh awrah man.

It felt: that the new Tkth Court interpreted it hard, but soft vintage Vtobeirh against him, and was told Altkh a trousers in the interpretation. It was as if seen from the Sraoelh Tktin his wife shall conceive and bear him two that were pregnant.

It felt: as if he put his head under Tkth it does not accept her son.

It felt as if he cut it offends Tkth cohabitation with his wife.

It felt as if he Tkth of living has shown his vision to his enemy his brother in law.

The Altkh in the pants they love to his wife, the man he saw was the love of a good firm.

It felt: the shortage or here or worn, they shall devolve not to love her.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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