twisting by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi twisting:

Of the saw in a dream that he spun a rope or string or Alouet on himself or on a reed, or otherwise it will travel to each event, the easy twisting it easy for him to travel.
and saw that it was the same, and Pluck Evtlha strand it takes a bribe to perjury.Creasing evidence has to conclude matters, company, or marriage. [See: Default].

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the twisting and spinning

The twisting, it is believed that spinning a rope or string or twist it to himself or to his penis it travel may indicate twisting to conclude things, the company and the marriage is of the opinion that Msthompsk the Koran and Islam was traveling traveling and saw that it was related to a rope from the sky, it follows power in the religion of the saw cord cut is still the Sultan it was still religion, if it remains in the hand of the rope thing, and saw a rope in the shoulder or on his neck or his back or in the middle is the era is happening in the neck, and the spinning, it is considered that spin sofa or a poem and the like, which spin men like him, it travels and renders good but felt that spin fine linen or cotton or the like, which spin women like it fall ill, humiliation and works in accordance with lawful and is not recommended for men and saw that it was denounced by Ghazla it invalidates oaths and covenants, but saw a woman they hit the spindles was born under way or hit the sister Dream Interpretation in Islam

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