turban: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi turban:

Is the crown of a man in a dream the relevance, strength and mandate. It is thought that his turban fell on his neck, he must be removed from its mandate, and that was hijacked from above his head. Though it is called and the wife or the merits of his money goes. If he sees his turban has become the gold of his going or his wife or his property or merit.
is of the opinion that it is automatically circulated by the state or shall marry a pious wife. The headgear victory.
It felt that wearing a turban increased principality and industry, although the twinge of money increased, although the wool obtained from the state of goodness in his religion, though they are of silk and corruption in the state of religion and wealth is haraam. It is circulated over the turban turban increased relevance and proven in his tenure. Yellow turban and disease in the head, and black Sadd. The King saw that his turban like a house and a conclusion Kalkhalkhal it cuts off all his property, and was automatically isolated from its mandate. Turbans and crowns of the Arabs.
and perhaps Del word turban on blindness or concern. It is prayed in the prayer of a dream without a turban, and perhaps in light of doubt or lack of bowing and prostrating, is of the opinion of the idolaters that turban on his head the safest, as stated: no distinction between us and the polytheists, but turbans to berets. It was afraid of a Sultan, and he saw in a dream turban well, dream of it, and the security of his evil.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Turban: (Crown; Headgear; Tiara) In a dream, one’s turban represents his family tree, his paternal uncle, or his paternal aunt. In a dream, one’s turban also represents his crown, strength, integrity, state, or wife. Hone’s turban is taken away from him in a dream, it means that he may lose his job, divorce his wife, or lose his wealth. The same interpretation is given for one who sees himself wearing a golden turban in a dream. If a prophet of God Almighty, or a ruler crowns someone with a turban in a dream, it means that he will receive an important appointment, or that he may marry a pious woman. Putting on a turban in a dream means increase in one’s strength, expansion of one’s control, growth in one’s business, or it could mean becoming wealthy. If the turban is made of wool in the dream, it means a spiritual appointment, and if it is made of silk in the dream, then it means living a corrupt state of mind, or earning unlawful money. Wearing a second turban on top of the first one in a dream means increase in one’s power. Fixing a turban for oneself in a dream means taking a journey. A yellow turban means sickness. A black turban means happiness and unity. Wearing a turban in a dream also could mean that one may lose his sight. If a bewildered person sees himself wearing a turban in a dream, it means that his fears will dissipate. (Also see Crown; Headgear)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the turban

The turban is seen on his head a turban, it is his mandate as far as delayed by the though of the people of the state, it affects the prestige and honor though charms married and that he had pregnant woman had a child there is his people, is of the opinion that the turban on his head a Muftdh it pilgrimage or sojourn though patients died

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the turban

The turban, they indicate the religion, but a white or green, especially if cotton or fine linen, and if the twinge of it shows the corruption of religion and worldly affairs, said the turban was a twinge if they indicate the conditions of the seer in the world.

It felt: it included a turban turban to show it to increase his honor and his status and power of the same.

It felt: from his turban models, they show his fame among the people as much as style.

It felt: his turban model upside down, it is not good.

It felt: green turban with the rest of his clothes, it shows the minimum transmission of the certificate.

It felt: that the turban has grown or become green, it indicates an increase of Izz and mandate.

But felt that his turban may become smaller or dirty Fbkhalaffh.

But felt that a red turban, they show cruelty to one, and that he saw a yellow, it indicates loss and harmful only if a judge or a preacher or anyone who enveloped in vigilance.

It felt: that the turban of wool it shows fairness and sanctity among the people.

It felt: it wraps a turban on his head, it indicates a long travel.

But saw that it was wrapped in what they show on the entirety of his return from his trip is to reach its destination.

In all, the vision of the turban devolve on seven aspects: religion and the presidency of Izz and the mandate and tidy, strength, and travel by the value of the turban and length, and was told the turban on the head with the mandate of those who were fit for it as much as delayed, although the turban of silk was what happened from that state money is haraam, and that was one of the cotton or linen, or wool was what happened to the money lawful, though not of the people of the state legislators, it would be an imam or sultan or serves or affects the prestige and honor, and the charms were married, and that he had pregnant came a son of his people prevail.

It felt: that twist the turban on his head, it travels away have a travel where Baha, though not of the people is not the determination of travel by walking in it is meant for back and back.

It felt: that his turban approached the other, If the property is an increase in the queen and is the excess of the turban that was exaggerated once Vtkon increase on that amount is what is more, or without him, though he was governor he increased in wisdom, albeit with hit unrolled positions filled.

It felt: a turban on his head, not those who wear turbans like him as if he saw the jurist and a turban on his head, he saw Turkey or Turkish turban on his head that no jurist Mahmoud for both.

It felt: that the turban on his head and turbans of the estate, it of the dead.

If the President finds that the turban on his head attributed to ordinary people and it is construed Erazlhm Balaudhaah not so Mahmoud.

But felt that the common man on the head turban turbans of the people of virtue is commendable in his right and an increase in his job and pageantry in his knowledge.

It felt: turban on his head which is dark, it pilgrimage or sojourn, although the patients died because the turban dark of the body of the dead, and was told turbans crowns of the Arabs and the wear indicating the government will, narrated that Abu Muslim saw in a dream, as if the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him circulated by Turban red on the head and Korha twenty-two Korh stated his vision for one of the crossings, he said the following command twenty-two years and that was.

It felt: that twist the turban on his head at night it travels travel in a male and a splendor and the turban if the silk is not commendable, and perhaps money from the face is forbidden, and if the cotton money was lawful from the face of good, and if the wool white is evidence of goodness and religion and ceramic demonstrates the rich. It was of the opinion that wearing a turban does not know the unknown color is not created by the ways:

Are either of the dead Felictad turbans to be a woman or that he ordered her Ionnbhm do not know what it is and act of a confused things in it.

And the vision of disarmament turban if became the head exposed construed ten ways: divorce, isolate and then double the case and the uprooting of the king and the lack of pomp and fond of the paradox head and switch command is in it and cut through it and the death of his wife, and if you put a turban other instead of stripped it switches another state and said everyone what suits him and promises on the head instead of what happened so that what was said. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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