tree by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tree:

Show the trees on the women, and men in different attitudes. And see the trees a function of the melee, and trees unknown function on the worries and bile, especially if he saw her in a dream at night. Though the fad is over it, or was a kaafir becomes Muslim. The seer was an infidel, or sinner repents safest. What was just for a few trees Palmhmom Khger henna, roses Fidel employers goodness and knowledge without action or to say other than he did. And see what is ad hoc and Scion Palmhmom Kalnarnj, lemon and ad hoc Palmhmom Kalnarnj Restaurant, lemon, work, and word and deed. And see what is ad hoc without Palmtaum Mashmoom Kalnkhalh nuts Fidel gentlemen who do not take what they have but to make the effort and fatigue. And see what is not a restaurant nor sniffed Kalihur and cypress Fidel stinginess and miserliness. Each tree drops its leaves and by a function of poverty and wealth, and conservation and oblivion, and joys and sorrows. And every tree that does not fall and it leaves a function of age and length of time living and wealth and stability on the debt.
It is felt that trees abounded lie down on his children. And tree planting commented Asahir it affects some people and honor. And trees which is not the fruit of his shows men Slab Bruisers, no money for them and good for them. And the tree with thorns Maraam difficult man.
and saw that it was cutting a tree with his wife died, and the withered tree, a patient died there. Bark and a pond.
It felt that it instills in the orchard trees generates his children.
It felt that the trees surrounding the fields covered Mount descendants of the town.And the tree that are in front of the house indicate the pro. Shows the tree that God spoke to Moses, then God peace be upon him on the proximity of God. And the tree indicate the Yes of God, and the tree land conversion and livelihood. And sit under the tree with the people proof the pleasure of Allah Almighty, it was a seer infidel safest or sinner repents and tree Blessed show vision in a dream for your final return and the tree good Kalnkhalh a good word, and the tree malicious Kalhandal malicious speech.
and saw that it was harvested from the tree’s fruits, it takes money is not a solution. It was: a disease of the trees cut cutter and its people. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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