toilet by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi toilet:

D is in a dream on the Faraj family and of need, and perhaps indicates that the wife alone with her ​​husband, current or familiar with the secrets and genitalia. A house of rest, and the house of purity and the toilet. And vomiting haraam wealth.
and perhaps indicated by the women, it is not apparent smell is his wife, a good cohabitation, and clean validity, though full of dirt they are protuberance, although the smell skunk they are scold, and is known for, and the depth of Birha doing in its affairs. Though the full Birha his wife pregnant. [See: Alknyv].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Toilet: (Lavatory) In a dream, a toilet means relief from distress, satisfying one’s innate needs, a bathhouse, taking a ritual ablution, a place where one’s secrets are exposed, a place where one hides his money, a treasury, a coffer, a rest room, or a place to reflect. Washing the toilet’s floor in a dream means becoming poor. A flooded toilet in a dream means distress, pregnancy, or prosperity. To fall into a toilet in a dream means imprisonment. Pouring honey or milk into the toilet bowl, or urinating blood in a dream means sodomizing. Looking into the toilet bowl and finding blood in it in a dream implies that one engages in the forbidden sexual intercourse with his wife during her menstrual period. A toilet in a dream also represents a guard. (Also see Bathroom) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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