tissue by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tissue:

Is in a dream D to kindness or wife or child, especially if embroidered, it shows the meanings nice, thanks a lot for that Atouky its heat and cold, and holds and then prayed for, the safety and the Emirate of give and take, and shake its dust from the face and clothes. Server and the handkerchief.
and saw that it was holding a handkerchief of tissue dyers he marry a harlot.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of tissue

But if the handkerchief of cotton or linen it is for the benefit of man Zaki, and if Abrism Gazz Universal access or benefit of a non-reformer.

It felt: that Mendalh lost, it indicates the loss of a little bit of money.

In all, the vision of tissue construed in three ways: the benefit and progress and a girl and the gift of a few.

Vision Achammlh

The Achammlh, Ibn Sirin: Is the server and each spin sees the return on the server and color construed server is attributable to that color is becoming a towel it shows Salah servant, and was one of the Gazz it shows that it is reprehensible not have a meet and eat no man’s land, and if was black, it indicates a lack of fulfillment and hardness of heart.

It felt: it is burned, it devolves doom servant, though, some charred, it indicates disease servant. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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