Whole by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the Whole:

Shows in a dream on the king for having matters of religion, the separation between the ruling and the case and no man’s land, and the market that is meant when people profit, and everyone comes out of it at a profit on the worth of his work. This is indicated on each of the obligatory obedience of the father and Professor and polite and the world. And demonstrates the justice for those who oppressed his income in a dream. And demonstrates the Koran to the large set of it. And indicates that the cemetery is a place of reverence and good washing, and the silence and go to Mecca. And shows what used to help in the hippocampus of the enemy fortress security from fear. Vsagov mosque properties of the king and familiar with the conditions. And mayors Akaber state and the princes. And confined to the extension of justice and scholars who are under obedience. Doors and veil. Minaret and his deputy, or the news. If indicated by the ruling Voamdth his time, and MassabahaVdila his time and Vgahaah, and confined to the extension of its provisions, or address by them from the sciences, and its roof was written by misprision due to it, and its minaret is the existing collection of people to address by them of the credit, and the pulpit slave, and the niche his wife, or that which is indicated on the livelihood halal, and the lighthouse and the Minister and the imam, and perhaps indicates the lighthouse on Maznyha, and the Koran on the reader, and the pulpit on a fiancee, and the door at the gate, and the values ​​on the Massabaha and spreading, what happened in the mosque of the increase or decrease, or in anything that is the specialty of the returned it to what is indicated by. The mosque, which bear the kings of Islam in their travels and staying prayer and other holidays, it shows the establishment of religion, the Muslims and the altitude, and victory over their enemies, and his interpretation of a provision in the setting up of galleries, which reflects the legislator for their castles.And inclusive city shows its people and Oaalih their leaders, and OsavlhAamtha, and Osatinh the people mentioned, the godfather, the imam of the people, and the pulpit their power or Khtaibhm, and Guenadelh scholars and good, and jihad and guarding in Rabat, and the confined people of goodness and righteousness, and the muezzin Vkadhi city or her world, which calls for people to guidance and exemplary followers carried out his orders, and believes in the supplication, and the doors Fmal and Trustees of the owners and the police. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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