The vision of cymbals

The vision of cymbals

The vision of cymbals of Al zahri The vision of cymbals

 The cymbals For ways:

Ibn Sirin said: beatings and hated Balsnag news is false and a lie to say .

 It felt: it hits Balsnag he gives him to say lies, do shop, and was struck cymbals construed pleasures of this world and beating him is the test to a minimum.

 It felt: it hits him Balsnag it shows satisfaction by the shops and telling lies.

 It felt: it was with some amusement cymbals it shows anxiety and distress from bone and calamities to the people of that place.

 It felt: like a break Snaga or threw him out of his hand he repents from lying and false speech, and was proud of cymbals and beating construed construed obtaining minimum.

 In all, the vision hit the cymbals construed to four aspects: news and talk hated vanity and pleasures of this world who are distressed for money. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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