the rug:

the rug:

the rug: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the rug: Basta is in a dream Izz and status, especially if his seer.
and saw that it was on the table, it buys land, albeit in a war, it delivers them.Minimum and the rug owner, who extend to him. He saw the rug folded collapsed this world with him. The rug was a new and broad-tight workmanship, it receives a long-lived and the world wide. But felt that it simplifies the table in a position unknown unknown unknown among the people, it receives minimum and loneliness in his distance from his country and its people. If the carpet or worn thin it with a minimum age a little.
It felt simplicity collapsed upon itself, it reversed its position to the position of the unknown, and out of his kingdom and folded worldly affairs. The extension of the rug has expanded his living with him and Faraj. This is indicated on the rug sitting governors and presidents from all intercourse with simplicity, it is foldable simplicity of his failure, or could not travel, or held by the worldly affairs. The simplicity of it kidnapped or burn with fire died, or could not be his, and that slavery rug near him, and afflicted in his body wasting or supervised the death. And carpet are worn and distressed. The rug is the man praise himself and pay zakaah and brought not only falsely increased and void. Dream Interpretation in Islam

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

meanings by Al ahsaai

Interpretation of Al zahri

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