river by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the river

Is a great man in a dream. The man entered the mixer one of the great people. The praise of drinking from the river to the verse {said that God Mbtelicm River, it is drink from it is not of me, and tastes it not, to me, only Agterv room with his hand, drank it, but few of them} .
and saw that it was bounced from the river to the other side it escapes are distressed and supports the enemy. It was said that the river indicates the travel. And, if the water in the market and people Atodún and benefit from its water it justice of the Sultan in his parish, and that was over the running from the terraces and went down to the role it Gore of the Sultan or the enemy dominates the people.
It felt a river went out of his home did not hurt anyone it known he makes to people.
It felt it has become a river died. Suffers a solution of the River of man are afflicted with fear. The drink of its water is good and hit the net a good life.
and saw that it was bounced from the river to Shatta it escapes from the evil of the Sultan and nail to win the enemies. The river is being felt from his home and people drink it, if it shows a rich and good benefits for the people of the country, comes home, many people who need it. And the river in a dream or work for a continuous livelihood. Chagrin River and proof of hell. And the river of affliction, and perhaps the rebellion of the Assi and Barada cool and peaceful, and more than an increase in the provision, and the Tigris grandfather.
and saw that it was walking on the water in the river it shows good faith and the health of his belief. [See Sakia. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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