race: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi race: Of the opinion that the offer is marred with sweat from the death of close relatives, but without this interpretation hated what he is parting between him and them other than death. Veins of the son of Adam and his clan, and if any of them lost some of his relatives died or the death of the province. The veins show Balvsd famous life and livelihood and to senior and family clan.
the veins of his hand and saw blood and being rich, he went his money, though poor, according to money.


Is the well-being in a dream that the patient had hoped, but it is sweat and death.And sweat proof of the harmful world., And saw that he refuses to sweat spent his needs. And stinky armpit sweat indicates the disease. The race saw the money, it is a race, a candidate of his body out of him money. It may be packed race saw of affects. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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