the priest

the priest

the priest by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the priest

Is in a dream indicates the faith and abandon the world and suspicions, and the Imam who a role model to his knowledge. The priest, a man who dwell and ego.
It felt that it might become a priest it is a good sign for all people, and manual lifting and fame.
It felt that he was speaking words of priests and astrologers and the like, this fallacy this world, and ignorance to believe in religion. [See the monk.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the priests

And the priests shall devolve on the ways:

It saw a priest, a man mine Faúl close to the Kings.

It felt: it has become mine it closer to the king of lying and false speech and slander. It was the vision of a man who interpreted the mine a liar Yes, God does not thank him.

It felt: he speaks words of the priests, calligraphers, etc., or speak to them words, the interpretation fits untruths and ego and to believe in a dream and waking ignorance.

Vision of conversion from Islam

Of saw that it was turning from Islam to a false religion, it is said to commit sins and shame and the wickedness of the act was said about the actions of the seer wear his religion and his religion was corrupt.

Vision of the worship of fire and idols

Of the opinion that he worshiped the fire it is appointed by the sultan on a falsehood, the fire was dead, it required money is haraam.

It felt: that he worshiped an idol of wood it is closer to a man a man void malignant hypocrite.

Though the idol of wood clip so it asks the following of its argument, and so was told to draw near to one Bnmama.

Though it is silver it comes to a woman as unworthy.

Though it went closer to a command and gets hated him from that harm.

Although it is copper or iron or lead or the like, it is closer to the world and the demand was closer to a man voyeur.

The stone was it closer to a man callous.

Although it is pottery, and so it is not those who draw near the benefit of, and wholesale vision Bmahmodh idols is not what is in the vision of hypocrisy and doubt.

It felt: he handed something to the idol of idols mentioned it crosses of the same sex are also provided.

It felt: that he worshiped an idol of idols, word, or did he act of a person is awake, it comes of no use in his company, and may be for damage of the Sidekick and was interpreted committing sins and the occurrence of other things to him because of it so that he marvels at the very wonder was not notified his mind never.

In all, the vision of the idols shall devolve on the three aspects: is vanity and a man lying hypocrite and a liar Wily woman evil nuisances and the best in vision at all Dream Interpretation in Islam

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